New 2024 Google Tensor G3 vs Snapdragon 888 Fen 3 Price & Full Specs

Google Tensor G3

Google Tensor G3 vs Snapdragon 888 3 is the third generation of Google’s chipset for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Google Tensor G3 CPU consists of three clusters. It uses an ARM Mali-G715 as the graphics unit. Although the exact number of GPU cores is unknown, seven may exist, per the published leaks.

At the core of the Tensor SoC is the Tensor Processing Unit TPU, which is capable of AI and ML operations and can compute 150 times more complex AI models. It also supports Wi-Fi 7. We will discuss Google Tensor G3 in detail in this article. Tech-savvy friends, stay tuned and read carefully to get the necessary information.

Google Tensor G3 vs Snapdragon 888 Gen 3 2024 Full Specifications:

Here, we give you Google Tensor G3 Full Specifications. Let’s take a look.

Codename Zuma, Cortex X3, A715 & A510
Launch Date October 4, 2023
Neural processor Custom Google TPU
Features Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, LPDDR5x-RAM, Dual-Band GNSS, Titan M2
  • 4x Arm Cortex-A715 [2.37GHz]
  • 4x Arm Cortex-A510 [1.70GHz]
  • 1x Arm Cortex-X3 [2.91GHz]
GPU Arm Mali-G715 (MP7 estimated)
Machine Learning Third-gen Tensor Processing Unit
Media Decode H.264, H.265, VP9, AV1
  • 4G LTE
  • 5G sub-6Ghz
  • 5G mmWave
Process Samsung 4nm
Storage UFS 4.0
Memory LPDDR5X
  • Google Pixel 8
  • Google Pixel 8 Pro
  • Google Pixel 8a
Clock Rate 1700 – 2910 MHz
Level 3 Cache 4 MB
64 Bit 64 Bit support

2024 Google Tensor G3 CPU:

Google Tensor G3 is a single powerhouse with an Arm Cortex-X3 CPU core clocked at 2.91GHz, four Cortex-A715 cores clocked at 2.37GHz, and four smaller Cortex-A510 cores clocked at 1.7GHz. These changes complete Google’s transition to a 64-bit-only core. Notably, the Cortex-X3 has virtually the same clock speed as the Cortex-X1.

But the Tensor G3 optimizes its CPU clocks for power efficiency. Its peak single-core performance is slightly better and more energy efficient. The Tensor G3 is a nine-core CPU, which improves the processor’s multi-core capabilities. This is the most significant area of improvement in the CPU setup.

According to Arm, the A715 can have similar clock and cache setups. Google is also far less reliant on large CPU cores to support machine learning workloads than it used to be. The Tensor G3’s new TPU is much more powerful, and the latest CPU cores are also more capable.

Google Tensor G3 GPU 2024:

Google Tensor G3 is set to arrive as an Arm Mali-G715 GPU with new graphics capabilities. But as expected, there may be seven GPU cores. Noteworthy is that the Tensor G3 has no hardware ray-tracing support. Also, Arm is touting a 15% ISO-process performance gain, 2x machine learning improvements, and 15% better power efficiency compared to the previous-generation Mali-G710. Hopefully, gamers can look forward to better performance than before.

Google Tensor G3 Gaming Quality:

Regarding gaming performance, the Tensor G3 gets Arm’s Mali-G715 “Immortalis” GPU, comparable to the Adreno 740 GPU in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. According to the published leaks, the Tensor G3 will use a seven-core GPU. Through this, Google is trying to keep heat generation under control.

Ray tracing is a feature that enables realistic lighting and reflections in gaming—primarily in games, creating more attractive visuals. But the sad part for gamers is that the Tensor G3 doesn’t support ray tracing. But the good news is that according to Arm, the G3’s Immortalis-G715 GPU offers a 15% performance boost over last year’s Mali-G710.

Google Tensor G3 Image Processing:

The camera pipeline is optimized, and machine learning algorithms are built directly into silicon to boost photos and especially videos, as Google claims significantly. The Tensor G3 also gets an advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for progressive image and video processing. However, one of the critical benefits of the Tensor G3 is the improvement in HDR features.

Google Tensor G3 AI Features:

Google Tensor takes a giant leap forward in generative AI in the G3. Features like its Best Take and Magic Editor can transform images tremendously. In addition to the camera app, Google Assistant enables excellent human-like communication by integrating Google’s Bard chatbot.

And these new experiences are powered by Google’s new Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). According to Google, the TPU enables the phones to run sophisticated machine learning algorithms that will provide high accuracy when detecting faces. Another critical feature of Tensor G3’s advanced TPU is secure face unlock.


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