Google Tensor G4 will come with nominal Upgrades – A User’s Guide

Google Tensor G4

According to reports in South Korea, Samsung Foundry has received a contract to manufacture the Tensor G4 processor. This is contracted to be built on the Tensor G4 4LPP+ process. This chipset will be used in the upcoming Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel Fold 3. The Tensor G4 is said to be manufactured utilizing the SF4P (third-generation 4nm) process, which offers improved performance and efficiency.

What will differentiate the previous Tensor G3 from the new Tensor G4 is yet to be revealed. Samsung has yet to officially announce details about its new 4nm process, which may differ from the current 4 nm EUV technology.

Tensor G3 chipset second generation 4nm process. Samsung’s in-house Exynos 2200 chipset used the SF4E (first generation 4nm) process. Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 2400 processor will be used in some Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ units. It also uses the SF4P process.

2024 Google Tensor G4 Rumors

A report says that instead of using the old Tensor G3 chip, the new Tensor G4 chip might come with it. The Tensor G4 is rumored to bring slight improvements over the Tensor G3. The Tensor G3 was codenamed ‘Zuma,’ while the Tensor G4 was ‘Zumo Pro. The Tensor G4 is rumored to have a Cortex-X4 CPU and an unknown number of Cortex-A720 and Cortex-A520 CPU cores.

It is said to feature ARM’s Immortalis-G715 GPU. Google wanted TSMC to make this chip, but the deal fell through due to low yields. At the moment, we can’t say how accurate these rumors are.

Performance of Google Tensor G4 2024

Google Tensor G4 will deliver high-quality photos and videos, robust security, performance, and intelligent speech recognition capabilities. The upcoming Google Pixel will make phones more personal and helpful. GA4 is a new type of property designed for the future of measurement: collecting website and app data to understand the customer journey better. Uses event-based data instead of session-based. Privacy controls such as cookieless measurement and behavioral and conversion modeling will be included.

One of the issues that pops up with the Google Tensor chipset is the component’s tendency to overheat. Details are scarce, and the whole story is shrouded in speculation, provided the foundry and system-on-chip still need to be announced. Still, Google’s promise can be read as evidence that Samsung Foundry has finally found a way to make chipsets with the Exynos platform that won’t overheat. They also hope this will become more attractive to phone companies and consumers.

Google Tensor G4 Release Date 2024:

However, the chip is expected to power the upcoming Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro phones, which are set to launch in October. Rumors claim that Google has tapped its competitor to help with the chip. It gears up for a fully custom Tensor chip built by TSMC. It will likely be included in the 2024 line of Tensor G4 Pixel phones. If the Pixel Fold also gets this new chip, it might come out only with the Pixel 9 series.


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