GCam For Andoird 12/13 – Download Android 12+ Google Camera

You may have noticed by now that our smartphone cameras already have some truly fantastic capabilities that enable us to take high-quality photographs, but as we all know, there is always room for improvement. Google Camera is a truly wonderful software that will meet all of your camera demands. With the aid of the numerous cutting-edge capabilities it provides, this software will assist you in taking beautiful images. For Android devices right now, in particular the Pixel phones, this software is available.


Google Camera is essentially an app for everyone whose device does 't have specialized camera functions like Portrait, Night Shift, and many others. This will give you the Concerning Google Camera APK Any Android device may experience a superb camera experience thanks to Google Camera APK.

Google Camera for Android

You may take crisp pictures and edit them with additional tools to give your clicks a more polished appearance. Night mode, portrait mode, motion click, and many more excellent alternatives are among its many features.

Top Google Camera Features

The Google Camera APK comes with the following features.

  1. New UI
  2. RAW assistance
  3. Brand-new panorama user interface; no more blue dots or manual snaps; simply pan and finish.
  4. From Google Images, portrait photos now include a Natural or Soft-Focus slider for face retouching options (replaces Pop slider, which is now a Color & Pop tile in the list of filters).
  5. To reach Lens mode quickly, long press the viewfinder.
  6. Toggle audio recording in panorama mode
  7. Live Eye
  8. Video recording in H265 Motion Autofocus 9.
  9. Best Picture 11. Group selfies
  10. Nighttime Viewing 13. Photo Booth

Super Res Zoom 14.


In essence, HDR is a type of feature that simply improves a standard photo by merging various exposures of the same shot simultaneously. Now that Google Camera supports HDR+, which is an improvement over that, you can already envision the caliber of the images you will receive.


Top Shot

This kind of function will make working much simpler for you. You' ve probably noticed that when we take images, we frequently take many copies of the same image so that we may subsequently choose the finest one. By using artificial intelligence, this feature will choose the best option for you automatically, making things simple and quick for you.

Night Vision

When using the Night Sight View Mode, you can take pictures at night. It will make the screen brighter and enable you to link a beautiful image with flash notifications.


Motion Mode


Motion Mode is a feature that all adventure seekers will undoubtedly like because it enables you to capture long-exposure photos of the highest caliber while moving. Your photos will appear to have been taken by a skilled photographer!

Super Res Zoom

This function is especially for people who enjoy taking photos from a distance because it will help you make your photos look sharper even when you fully zoom in! For those who enjoy taking pictures of animals with their phones, this will be quite helpful since it will enable you to get excellent shots even from a distance.

Chrome Lens

Use the lens to scan a piece of text or a picture to learn more about it. The finest option for exchanging assignments and notes with pals is this one.

Picture Mode

Remove all of the extraneous background detail to highlight the person in front of the screen. It will improve the image and give it a polished appearance.

Stabilisation of video

Your hands won#39;t shake because this stabilization tool will recognize the movements and enable you to capture them.

User encounter

Users have a positive opinion of this application and have never had any concerns about it. For those who love taking pictures, this Google Camera APK works wonders. Everyone can profit from it for no cost, and there is no need for a subscription. Compared to other camera apps, it has more than 4.8 ratings on Google Play, which is astounding.


We anticipate that you are aware of how to install G-cam on Android 12. If you have any inquiries regarding the G-cam app for Android 12. Don't forget to tell everyone about the post.

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