Samsung S22 Ultra vs Google 7 Pro 2023: Key Features, Price & Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 7 Pro comparison: Which Android smartphone triumphs? With the most cutting-edge features that maximize the integration of their software and hardware, Samsung and Google produce some of the best smartphones on the market. Our reviewers have tested the new iterations of the flagship phones from both companies this year. It’s time for the best Android smartphone showdown right now: The Google Pixel 7 Pro or perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are the two best flagship phones for taking pictures of your wallet’s contents.

Design, presentation, and robustness

The top phones for their respective manufacturers, including Google Pixel 7 Pro and thus the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, have very different designs. The Pixel 7 Pro is made of metal and glass and has a curved display, a slim design, and an attractive stainless steel camera bar on the rear. There are cutouts with each camera sensor, giving the design a distinctive and unmistakable look. The latest Pixel design also seems more balanced in the hand because it is lighter, slimmer, and so much less curved than previous iterations.

Samsung S22 Ultra vs Google 7 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, in comparison, is broad and weighty and has a professional appearance and feel that is suggestive of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s crisp angles and corners. In addition to having a curved display and squared-off top as well as bottom corners, it has separate rear cameras. This phone really aids in productivity, but some users may find it uncomfortable due to its size and slick surface.

In terms of display contrast, the two flagships are less different. Both boast cutting-edge 120Hz screens constructed on an OLED platform, and the Pixel’s 6.7-inch screen and the S22 Ultra’s 6.8-inch screen barely differ in size. On the Pixel 7 as well as Galaxy S22 Ultra, the front and rear panels of the phones are shielded by Victus but rather Victus Plus Gorilla Glass, respectively. Both phones are certified IP68 water & dust-resistant. We’ll call a tie about which design is superior because both are lovely, so we’ll balance out the design, convenience, screen quality, as well as brightness instead.

The speed, duration of the battery, and charging

There are notable differences in the charging strength and speed between the 5,000mAh batteries found in the Pixel 7 Pro as well as the Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones. Although the Pixel only manages 30W of charging, the Samsung offers up to 45W. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to buy a Samsung or Google charger because neither device comes with one.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro’s real-world battery life scored poorly in our evaluation. While standby energy consumption was acceptable, utilizing numerous apps, playing computer games, or engaging in other activities that tax the processor drastically reduced battery life. Despite having a 6.7-inch display and a 5,000mAh battery, the Pixel 7 Pro turned out to be a smartphone that could only be used for one day at most. If you want to access closed apps or use Google Pay to make a purchase, you’ll still need the touchpad even if the Pixel 7’s recently reintroduced Face Unlock function allows you to skip the lock screen. However, the fingerprint reader still requires improvement. Face Unlock, on the other hand, performed extremely well. Unfortunately, a variety of software issues plague this Google Pixel 7 Pro, which significantly reduces the phone’s functionality and use. The phone also runs hot, which means that occasionally it gets uncomfortable after just 30 minutes of playing.

The S22 Ultra’s battery lasted a full day under intensive use as well as two days under moderate use. Without gaming, streaming videos, nonstop music, or alternating between a 4G as well a 5G connection, we define moderate as usage. Even with the outdated Android 12 system software and Samsung’s OneUI 4.1 installed, the Samsung phone performs better. Unlike the Pixel 7 Pro, researchers encountered no glitches or issues.


The Pixel 7 Pro boasts three cameras: a 10.8MP front camera, a 48MP telephoto, as well as 50MP wide and ultrawide sensors. The Galaxy S22 Ultra boasts four cameras: a front-facing 40MP camera, a 108MP wide camera, two 10MP telephotos (each with a different zoom), as well as a 12MP ultrawide camera. Now capable of 5x optical zoom, this same Pixel 7 Pro lags behind Samsung’s 10x.

Cameras are all about results, not just statistics, as well as smartphones Google Pixel 7 Pro succeeds on that front. The Pixel 7 Pro takes great pictures with vivid color reproduction and powerful illumination. The Google phone’s camera takes in a ton of information, and the graphics rendering quickly produces beautiful pictures. There are two buttons in the camera app that let you jump to 2x as well as 5x zoom, as well as zoom up to 30x, which is fantastic for versatility and creativity. The new Macro Emphasis shooting setting on the ultrawide camera was particularly remarkable. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say about the selfie camera.

Similar to the Pixel 7 Pro, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s cameras perform better. The 108MP principal, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP 3x, 10MP 10x, and 40MP front cameras on the Galaxy S22 Ultra provide significantly more adaptability and accuracy. The primary and wide cameras capture stunning, vibrant images with superb balance, and the redesigned portrait mode is outstanding. It has numerous optical zoom options for versatility.

In single-take mode, you can record a quick video for up to 20 seconds that can be prolonged, and the phone’s AI will use that footage to create a variety of still photographs and moving pictures. Simple and adaptable is the native camera app. According to our review, it’s among the greatest camera phones available. This Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra also produces high-quality images thanks to its new Expert RAW software and Pro function for stills and video.

The Pixel 7 Pro provides a better “point-and-click” experience and slightly better photographs (without Samsung’s excessive saturation boosting), but the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s zoom is incredible and has true depth for people who want to take their time. The vote is tied.

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