How Long Does Pixel Watch Battery Life & Charging Time

How Long Does Pixel Watch Battery Life & Charging Time? The smartwatch world continues to spread increasingly aggressively with more healthy sensors. Subsequently, fitness-building features and task management tools also increasing on board than ever before. Though, as keep strong as wearables have become. So, battery life gets the biggest limitation to upside user experience. Let’s see how long the Google Pixel Watch’s battery lasts


How Long Does the Pixel Watch Battery Last?

Google says that the Google Pixel Watch will keep charging for up to 24 hours on a single charge. Together with sleep tracking nightly.

Pixel Watch Battery Life

This information is based on the following instructions

  1. “240 notifications”
  2. “280-time checks”
  3. “An LTE phone call”
  4. “45 min LTE and GPS meeting with downloaded YouTube music playback”

Firstly, include the always-on display set as the default setting. Then Google Maps navigation for 50 minutes while linked to a phone via Bluetooth.


Therefore, our real-world exercise hasn’t been altogether as successful. For beginners, we have seen the first few days can be a bit distressful in terms of battery life. This happens due to background occupation and extra use while producing the device. Likewise, throughout our Pixel Watch analysis period, it took a minimum of four days for the instrument to level off.

Pixel Watch Battery Life


Very closely, it will just reach 24 hours before working out. Most important, you won’t be able to reach 24 hours without spirited governing your battery life. On the behalf of Google, the Pixel Watch should get read of 8 to 10 hours of battery life with incessant GPS use. Finally, these merits don’t jive with our hope.

Some Battery-Saving Features:

  1. Battery Saver: Turning on Battery Saver mode will make unfit the device’s always-on display and tilt-to-rise feature. Later, Access Battery Saver is put down on your watch and holding the battery icon.
  2. Always-on display: must disable always-on display in the Settings menu found under Display.
  3. Bedtime mode: This mode very much exhausts battery drain overnight while still enabling sleep tracking. You can place Bedtime mode by putting down on your watch face and holding the moon icon.

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