The 20+ Best Upcoming 2023 PS5 Game Release & Trailers

From giant spider 2 to Grand Fantasy 7 Rebirth, here is the lineup of future PS5 titles. In 2023, there are a number of amazing PS5 titles planned, and we firmly believe that it will be a fantastic year. The Game Oscars 2022 unveiled so many games that 2023 is now significantly busier.

There are many incoming PS5 titles to be thrilled about in the following year, so the focus is squarely on the upcoming games for 2023. It’s going to be a fantastic year, whether you’re looking forward to new PS5 exclusives including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or impending horror games such as the Dead Space as well as Resident Evil remakes.

PS5 Games 2023

You could want to hop into any of the top PS5 games or another of the greatest matches of 2022 while you’re looking for any of the games on just this list that catch your attention. Otherwise, read on to discover more intriguing forthcoming PS5 games that you should add to your wish list.

Odyssey of One Price

A forthcoming RPG mostly from Bandai Namco Interactive called One Piece Odyssey will blend the One Piece universe with strategic turn-based combat and a beautiful open world to explore. Odyssey will likely include characters from all points in the storyline for this epic adventure because the game is meant to commemorate the 25th anniversary of only One Piece franchise.


How do we approach Forespoken? This Square Enix exclusive game was “developed for PlayStation 5,” and it has stunning visuals. The main character is seen scaling cliffs, fighting enormous wolves with skills akin to tree roots, and gazing out over stunning cloud-covered scenery from a mountaintop. It could also be something extremely exceptional because the renowned author and screenwriter Gary Whitta (Guardians Of the galaxy: Episode One, The Wandering Dead) is really in charge of a group of “A-list writers” collaborating on the game.

A remake of Dead Space

The scariest game of all time, Dead Space, is being “rebuilt” by Motive Studios using the skeleton of the original. In addition to the elimination of loading screens, this certainly features gorgeous graphics. It will continue to be free of microtransactions, as the developer has made clear.


It nearly has a Ghibli-like feel about it. In the video game Season, players explore the globe for the initial time while pedaling a bicycle. You take on the role of a teenage woman who formerly resided in a remote area but who, for some reason, is now able to travel, snap pictures, and create new memories. However, there isn’t much time left because a strange apocalypse that would destroy everything is going to happen. However, spending your final season in hell is a lovely thing to do.

Potter’s Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is billed as an open-world role-playing game that will bring you on an expedition into the Harry Potter world. It is set in the 1800s, before the happenings of the novels, at the renowned Hogwarts institution of witchcraft as well as wizardry as well as the world beyond. Adrian Ropp, chief of Avalanche. He decided to write a website post (opens in a new window) on PlayStation’s official site.

Then, the next-generation console will allow developers to create immersive experiences which will enable “a player practically experience. The terror of Infers weighing down upon them” but rather “sense the ground rattling beneath them like a heard of upset centaurs surrounds them.” These immersive experiences will let players “practically feel the violence of Infers coming down hard upon them” and otherwise “sense the ground.

Crazy Hearts

The Dynasty Warriors series’ creator, Omega Force, and EA have formed a new cooperation that gave rise to Wild Hearts. In a sense, EA’s brand-new hunting game is an attempt to unseat Monster Hunter from its throne. You’ll need to work together with two other companions, prepare to enter the vast uncharted wilderness and engage in combat with some extremely large horrific beasts. It looks fantastic.

Ishin “Like a Dragon”

RygaGotokuIshin!, a cult favorite, is now available in the West. The Yakuza serial spin-off will go by the name Like a Dragon – Ishin and was originally released in 2014 on both PS3 and PS4. Since this is essentially a Yakuza strategy game in the medieval era rather than contemporary Japan, Sega claims that the game is being designed from the building up to take full advantage of PS5 capabilities. We are looking forward to playing in the early part of 2023; it looks fantastic.

Nuclear Heart

The news that Mudfish would release Atomic Heart on next-generation systems should excite horror lovers. The bizarre-looking sci-fi horror game barely sometimes makes an appearance, but when it does, everyone gasps in astonishment and excitement.

We’ve already seen a wide variety of unusual alien weapons, its creatures are unforgettable, and the plot has left us with more questions than it does answers. For a lesser studio, Atomic Heart appears to be quite ambitious, and we are eager to see whether it succeeds on the PS5.

Bones and Skulls

How would Black Flag appear if Assassin’s Creed weren’t present? It’s a wonderful question, and ISOFT Singapore will respond to it in November when Skull & Bones debut in public. Due to how well the sailing components of Assassin’s Religious doctrine: Black Flag were received, this strategic action game first came to light and has been in production for about ten years. Currently, there is an exportable adventure where you will command a pirate ship that is completely customizable and engage in combat with other gamers throughout the Indian Ocean.

The Jedi of Star Wars: Survivor

Marvel Cinematic universe Jedi: Survivor, the excellent sequel to the excellent Film Series Jedi: Fallen Order, features Cal Kestis and BD-1 once more. There seems to be something very terrible going on in Star Wars town in this sequel, which takes place five years following the events of the first game. Although information beyond the trailer is few, it appears Cal’s lightsaber has been stolen, and things aren’t looking good for our hidden Jedi.

Remake of Resident Evil 4

A release date has been set for the remake of Resident Evil 4. Instead of being an exact recreation of the classic game, it will be reimagined. Capcom claims that the creator is “modernizing the graphics, improving the controls to a standard design, and reinventing the tale of the game while maintaining the spirit of its direction.” It appears from the teaser that it will be both magnificent and horrifying.

Two Dead Island

Dead Island will soon be available. More pulpy, humorous action, involving a lot of zombie killing, naturally, is coming. It takes place in sunny downtown Los Angeles. Dead Island 2 features a stylish cinematic trailer and gameplay clips from Gamescom Opening Night Live. The game is “all about exploring with your chosen zombie-killing ways,” including melee, firearms, and more. We received a release date along with the original unveiling, so we will not need to wait too much for the undead to start.

Enterprise: Resurgence

Star Trek: Resurgence is the debut title from Theatrical Labs, a brand-new studio comprised of former Telltale creators. It’s a Star Trek universe-themed third-person, narrative-driven adventure game. You will take on the roles of two individuals on the U.S.S. Resolute as they work to unravel a deadly mystery involving two extraterrestrial cultures on the verge of war: First Officer JaraRydek as well as Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz. If you’re a fan of Star Trek, this story will introduce you to both new and old characters, so pay attention.

Destroy the Justice League with the Suicide Squad

Rock steady is still working on the Man of steel: Arkham games, but it has taken a detour into the Suicide Squad universe. The new video game Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League features a 1-4 player cooperative play, a villainous Superman, featuring four playable characters. These arrive in the form of King Shark, Captain Boomerang, Dead shot, and Harley Quinn, each of whom has a different set of weaponry and the capability to switch among them at any time.

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