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New 2024 iPhone 14 Pro Max: Price, Reviews & Full Specs

iPhone 14 Pro Max

The 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max includes Always-On and ProMotion. Press and hold Dynamic Island to see a user interface overlay, or tap it to launch the currently displayed app. All four cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro have improved to let in more light, and the A16 Bionic has a more advanced picture signal processor. Larger image sensors, a 48MP camera, and the new Photonic Engine make every image pop. Apple made adjustments to advance the Deep Fusion process sooner in the pipeline.

The 48MP Main Camera, originally known as the Wide Camera, features an f/1.78 aperture with sensor size. It is a significant improvement over the previous 12MP sensor, but because of pixel binning, the final resolution of the photographs will remain at 12MP.

When printed out and stored in the file system, 48MP photos take up a big space. Instead of using enormous image files for users who primarily view photos on the web or their smartphone, Apple uses pixel binning to produce sharp, bright 12MP images.

About 14 Pro Max Camera Features

A bigger sensor was added to the Ultra Wide Camera to provide 3x more performance in low light. Its autofocus is used to take macro pictures when used with the Main Camera. This lens’s actual focal length is 13mm. Although it is slightly more than half of the Main Camera’s 24mm focal length, Apple nevertheless refers to it as 0.5x in the Camera app software. The Photonic Engine and upgraded ISP enable up to 2x low-light performance despite the Telephoto Camera not being updated. This results in improved portrait mode, greater low-light zoom, and better video.

Additionally, Apple added a new focal length, 2x or 48mm. This lens is entirely digital and is a 48MP Main Camera crop. Even the selfie camera received an update with an f/1.9 aperture, autofocus, and a 2x improvement in low-light performance.

Group photos will look considerably better thanks to autofocus because the camera can adjust for additional faces. To focus more quickly, autofocus also uses the True Depth sensors. Close-up selfies and other images will appear crisper and brighter than ever, thanks to the 12MP sensor and other upgrades.

2024 iPhone 14 Pro Max Detecting Crashes

The Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra all contain sensors and algorithms specifically designed for Crash Detection. Crash Detection uses an improved high dynamic range gyroscope, high g-force accelerometer, barometer, GPS, microphone, and advanced motion algorithms to determine whether a serious crash occurred. Apple developed the system to recognize rollovers, rear-end accidents, side hits, and front impacts.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Life

Although it’s rumoured that the “iPhone 14 Pro Max 2024” will have USB-C, the Lightning port will still be functional for at least one more upgrade. It still uses a 20W adaptor for rapid charging; nothing has changed between generations. The magnetic attachment and charging method still charges at a 15W pace. Apple claims that the new functions have no impact on battery life. For a 50% battery, quickly charge either device at 20W for 30 minutes.

Always-on display

As the Apple Watch did before it, the iPhone 14 Pro may now make use of its variable refresh rate display to keep it always on. By lowering the refresh rate to 1Hz, using a darkened background, and using darker UI elements, the iPhone can keep information on the display at all times. Apple developed the always-on display to use the least amount of electricity while providing the most recent information. Live Activities, widgets, and the clock will all keep refreshing often. Some of Apple’s Lock Screen backgrounds have a different appearance in the always-on mode.


The A16 Bionic contains a 6-core CPU, a 5-core GPU, and a Neural Engine that does 17 trillion operations per second. A faster, more useful iPhone is produced as a result of these specs. Apple continued to use Face ID for biometric authentication. A smaller sensor stack is used, and the proximity sensor is positioned below the display. The same applies to 5G, U1 Ultra Wideband, and WiFi 6. Apple upgraded to Bluetooth 5.3, which offers additional bandwidth.

iPhone 14 Pro Max 2023

iPhone 14 Pro Max 2024 Price:

Country Name Price
iPhone 14 Pro Max in the USA 2024 $1099
iPhone 14 Pro Max in Canada 2024 $1399
iPhone 14 Pro Max in the UK 2024 £1,199
iPhone 14 Pro Max in Germany 2024 EUR 1,449

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