Happy Veterans Day 2022: Top Quotes, HD Images, Wishes & Messages

Veterans Day, which should not be confused with Memorial Day, is all about remembering the troops who have given their lives for our freedom, both in the past and the present (we know, Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day can be quite confusing). With our selection of motivational leaders’ top Veterans Day quotations, take a moment this November to express gratitude to those who have served.


What better way to celebrate our military than with a few quotations from some of the most well-known veterans and those that support them? Many of us wouldn’t be where we are now without our soldiers. Make sure to take advantage of the Veterans Day free lunch if you or a member of the family is a veteran. There is no need for service to shop the greatest Happy Veterans Day bargains.

Happy Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, is a School in Session?

On November 11, 2021, several schools are closed nationwide in celebration of Veterans Day.


To learn more about their calendar, speak with your child’s school if they go to a private, charter, or parochial institution.

While educators and students will be off on this day, the US Department of Veterans Affairs has provided a guide for teachers to use with their students.


Along with practical exercises, the guide discusses the significance of the US flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Tomb of the Unnamed Narrator.

Wishes for Veterans Day

  1. “Every human being has a strong need for freedom. Freedom comes with a price: responsibility. Roosevelt, Eleanor
  2. “Valor is steadiness, not of the legs and arms, but of the soul and the courage.” Montaigne, Michel
  3. “The boys who kept the faith and fought the struggle will all be mustered out; the honor is theirs, the duty is ours.” Walter Bruce
  4. “How crucial it is that we acknowledge and honor our heroes and she-roes!” — Maya Angelou
  5. “A hero is someone who has sacrificed their life for a cause greater than themselves.” Johnson Campbell.
  6. “The only reason we can sleep peacefully in our beds at night is that ruthless guys are prepared to use violence against us.” — George Orwell
  7. “The valiant soldiers who fought here [at Gettysburg], both alive and dead, have hallowed it, far above our poor power to add to or subtract from it. What we say here won’t be noticed or remembered for very long, but what they did here will never be forgotten. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  8. “Without her military, America would be without God’s angels.” Carol Pemberton

Happy Veterans Day Quotes 2022

  1. “We came not to grieve the loss of our fallen soldiers, but to honor them.” Fitzgerald A. Walker
  2. “There are no troops who survive combat unscathed.” Joe Narosky
  3. “We owe them all, even though we don’t know them all.” —Unknown
  4. John F. Kennedy once said, “As we show our gratitude, we must never lose sight of the fact that the utmost appreciate is not to utter words, but instead to live by them.”
  5. Being one of those individuals who enter battle requires a hero, according to Norman Schwarzkopf
  6. “A hero is someone who has sacrificed their life for a cause greater than themselves.” Joe Campbell
  7. “Peace has victories, but bold men and women are needed to achieve them.” Emerson, Ralph Waldo
  8. “Should our thankfulness slumber after our dangers are over?” (George Canning)
  9. “For the veterans and their families, the war does not end with the signing of the peace deal. It has just begun. [Karl Marlantes]

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Veterans Day sayings honoring our heroes

  1. Never have so many people owed so little to so few. —William Churchill
  2. “The soldier prays for peace above all others because it is the soldier who must endure and bear the most suffering and scars of battle.” Doreen MacArthur
  3. “My heroes are the cops, firefighters, and members of our armed forces who risk their lives every day to defend our globe and make it a better place.” [Sidney Sheldon]
  4. “Let us honor the service of our veterans on this Soldiers Day, and let us reiterate our national commitment to fulfill our sacred commitments to our service members and veterans who have given so much so that we might live free.” Daniel Lipinski
  5. Veterans’ care shouldn’t be a partisan matter. It ought to be one from the United States.”

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