Happy Guatemala Independence Day 2022: HD Images, Quotes & Wishes


On September 15, Guatemalans celebrate Independence Day, commonly called National Day. The occasion honors the liberation of the area from Spanish domination. The independence festivities on this day are typically packed with vibrant parades, concerts, and other civic initiatives, even if the details of the circumstances that led to Guatemala’s independence are sometimes disputed. A popular tourist destination is a regional food and exquisite Mayan artwork on display on Guatemala Independence Day. The day offers the ideal chance to appreciate Guatemalan culture in all its glory.


El Salvador’s Independence Day Celebrations

Guatemala was a Captaincy General and a portion of New Spain, which is now known as Mexico. On September 15, 1821, the Captaincy General of Guatemala, which includes Chiapas, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras, formally declared its independence from Spain during a public assembly in Guatemala City.

Guatemala Independence Day

Before the creation of the Guatemalan flag in 1825, the nation belonged to the Mexican Empire. This independence, though, was short-lived. Under the Federal Republic of Central America, Honduran liberal forces retook control of the nation in 1838. Fighting erupted throughout the following two years as the Guatemalan Liberal Party once more fought for independence.


Over time, the liberals left the regions of the old state of Guatemala that were now governed by Central America and founded the autonomous state of Los Altos. Los Altos was considered a significant component of Guatemala’s economy, and the conservative government of Central America strongly opposed this.


On April 17, 1839, Guatemala proclaimed its independence from the United Provinces of Central America following a few months of conflict and increased pressure from other nations on the region. Carrera was the next governor of Guatemala in 1844. As the country’s economy began to expand, Guatemala proclaimed its independence as a republic on March 21, 1847, and Carrera was its first president. Guatemala Independence Day allows citizens an opportunity to commemorate their independence from Spanish domination and share many aspects of Guatemalan culture with the world, even though the nation has seen several political conflicts and changes in power over the years.


How is the Day of Guatemalan Independence observed?

Today, colorful processions adorned with the Guatemalan flag’s red, white, and blue are the typical start to school parades. Children play traditional marimba tunes as adults dance the traditional trades dance, which consists of long skirts and colorful lace tops with Mayan patterns.


Happy Guatemala Independence Day Quotes 2022

  • “Warm greetings to everyone on Guatemala Independence Day. This day will continue to motivate us to work for the betterment of our country…”
  • “The occasion of Guatemala Independence Day is all about coming together and hoisting our white and blue flag which always inspires us…”
  • “Our ancestors left for us a free country and now it is our responsibility to make it a better country for our coming generations. Happy Guatemala Independence Day 2022…”
  • “Wishing everyone on the occasion of Guatemala Independence Day. It was one of the biggest fights for us but we were successful in getting freedom…”

Guatemala Independence Day 2022 Wishes

  • “It is the occasion of demonstrating love for your country and putting on traditional clothing to make it a memorable occasion. Happy Guatemala Independence Day 2022…”
  • “It was on this day that Guatemala got freedom from the Spanish colonial rule of around 300 years. Warm greetings on Guatemala Independence Day to everyone…”
  • “Today is the day to indulge in celebrations and festivities as we celebrate the freedom of our country. Happy Guatemala Independence Day to all…”
  • “Let us come together and enjoy the zealous parades that are organized everywhere in the country. Wishing everyone on Guatemala Independence Day 2022…”

Guatemala Independence Day 2022 Messages

  • “Our ancestors have worked extremely hard to get this independence that we are enjoying today and we must thank them on Guatemala Independence Day 2022…”
  • “Wishing everyone on the occasion of Guatemala Independence Day. Let us dress up and make crafts, enjoy the festivities and the special food…”
  • “Warm greetings on the occasion of Guatemala Independence Day. We must learn about the inspiring story of the struggle to get this independence…”
  • “Happy Guatemala Independence Day to all. We are very proud of our ancestors who fought with all their strength to get us freedom from colonialism…”

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