New 2023 Google Pixel Watch 7 Series: Price, Full Specs & Release Date

After years of attempting, we eventually achieved our goal of putting Wear OS on wearables created by other companies with the debut of the Google Pixel Watch in 2022. We yearned for a unique Google watch long before Wear OS was even termed “Wear OS.” That will still be a far quicker turnaround than the eight years that transpired between the introduction of Android Wear and the present Pixel Watch, despite the fact that the first model is still relatively fresh and the Google Pixel Watch 7 isn’t anticipated to emerge until late 2025.


While there is a good chance that Google is already developing a replacement, soon enough, rumors and leaks should start to spread. As of this writing, there haven’t been any updates for the Pixel Watch 7, but we’ll add them as soon as there are. However, there are some things we can prepare for. It seems unlikely that Wear OS would run anything else given that Google created the platform and that the present Pixel Watch runs it.

Google Pixel Watch 7

The majority of the present device’s characteristics, which include an ECG in addition to all the other elements of a wristwatch, are probably going to be preserved. Although Google might make a ton of improvements to the Pixel Watch 7, some of them include the following: Read More – Apple Watch Series 9 2023

1) Size variations

Not everyone will find the Google Pixel Watch to be the right size because it is a one-size-fits-all product. We’d still prefer to have a choice, just like with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch 8, both of which are available in two sizes. Okay, that probably finds the ideal balance for a piece of clothing that will only come in one size.


2) Two different screen sizes option

The Pixel Watch may undoubtedly appear a touch flimsy on bigger wrists due to its 41mm screen. We wouldn’t want Google to simply increase the size for 2023 and call it a day because it functions better for smaller ones. It is wiser to provide customers with a second, bigger screen choice and imitate Apple and Samsung. Customers will have the ability to choose the remedy that works finest for them, and as a consequence, a bigger battery needs to fit within.

Google Pixel Watch 7


3) Google Pixel Watch 7 Battery Life

Without a doubt, the Pixel Watch’s main flaw is its short lifespan. Once you start keeping track of your exercises, it could not survive all day on a single charge, and occasionally using the always-on display means you’ll need to recharge twice to go through the night. The Apple Watch performs far better, even though the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 can now easily last two to three days. For Google to compete with the new model, performance must increase.

4) A narrower bezel

Despite its relatively high price, the Google Pixel Watch’s broad bezel detracts from its otherwise high-quality look and feel and gives the sense that it is more affordable than it actually is. The bezel of a contemporary wristwatch is a bit large, but because of some clever user interface decisions made by Google, it’s barely noticeable. Therefore, we predict that by the time customers strap the Google Pixel Watch 7 to their wrists, this will have decreased.

5) Increase the Comfort of Sleep.

The Pixel Watch’s dome-shaped rear made it a little difficult to sleep in, and on occasion, it even woke up our reviewers. This is obviously undesirable, and while some people might not experience this problem when they sleep, we’d like the Pixel Watch 7 to have a flat back so that nobody has to worry about it.


Google Pixel Watch 7


6) Take out the bezels.

We are big supporters of circular smartwatches, and the glass dome face of the Pixel Watch is perfect in that sense. You’ll get why once you realize how thick the bezel is, though. The black ring is frequently concealed by the OLED screen’s excellent color matching and the WearOS interface’s predominantly black backdrops, but it nevertheless detracts from the device’s otherwise premium appearance. If Google wants to compete with Apple and Samsung in the design stakes, thinner bezels are necessary.

Google Pixel Watch 7 2023 Price & Release Date

The cost is more mysterious. The Pixel Watch 7 won’t be available until at least 2025. As of this writing, the first-generation Pixel Watch has only been available for a short period of time. Thus, assuming no unforeseen delays, the Pixel Watch 7 should go on sale in October or November 2025.

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