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New 2023 Google Pixel Fold (5G): Full Specs, Price & Release Date

If you want to learn about New 2023 Google Pixel Fold (5G): Full Specs, Price & Release Date. Here is the right content for you the Google Pixel Fold 5G 2023 is an upcoming new smartphone by Google Pixel. Now we will discuss Google Pixel Fold 5G 2023 release date, features, rumors, phone names, price, design & display, and many more. Google has announced they have plans to release a foldable Pixel device. However, rumors have suggested that the company is not exploring the possibility of releasing a foldable 5G smartphone. Even have explored possibilities.

What is the Google Pixel Fold 5G Phone? the Google Pixel Fold 5G going to be Google’s first competitor in the growing foldable smartphone market. A large number, of nearly tablet-sized smartphones when unfolded like a book, with an additional outer display for use when closed. Likely resembling from Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Google Pixel Fold 5G

When will the Release of Google Pixel Fold be?

This is the common question. Now I will research and find a few reports based on supply chain sources, the Google Pixel Fold 5G will be entering mass production in the July-September quarter of 2023. Pixel Fold is a safe bet to assume a mid-August release, sometime around Samsung’s own foldable Galaxy Z Fold 5’s release. On the other hand, it’s very plausible that Google may officially unveil the Pixel Fold to the world in May of 2023, at its annual Google I/O developer conference. read More – Google Upcoming Phones 2023

Google Foldable 5G 2023 Phone

These are suggested while “Google Pixel Fold” began as a speculative name for this phone, we want to see alternative ones like “Google Passport”, “Google Logbook” or “Pixel Notepad” appear in various leaks news. However, the last November of 2022 reliable tipster Jon Prosser said that the name of this phone will be “Google Pixel Fold,” and “Project Passport” was merely a codename for it at Google.

Google Pixel Fold 5G

Google Pixel Fold 2023 Design and Display

The Upcoming Google Pixel Fold 5G 2023 will use an AMOLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, and high-quality viewable screen. The Google Pixel Fold is rumored to feature a 6.67-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2,200 x 2,400 pixels, with a foldable design that splits the display into two parts. It is expected to have a unique hinge design that allows the two halves of the display to be folded together, allowing it to be easily carried in a pocket or bag.

The Google Pixel Fold 5G is rumored to be powered by a Snapdragon 865+ processor and will likely feature a 5G-enabled model. It is expected to feature a triple rear camera setup and could come with a 10x optical zoom. Rumors also suggest it could come with a 6100mAh battery and support wireless charging.

Google Fold 5G 2023 Processor

Pixel Fold Chip will Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC Google Mobile Platform is among the most robust and cutting-edge mobile platforms available. The Google Pixel Fold 5G runs Android 14 and offers features including Always on Display, speech recognition, and gesture navigation.

Google Pixel Fold 2023 Price

The Google Pixel Fold 5G 2023 Smartphone price is approx. $1,799

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