Sorry, Elon Musk Says Tesla Pi Phone Not Come Out But Why?

Elon Says Tesla Pi Phone Not Come Out

Elon Musk changed the site’s policies after buying Twitter and installing himself as its CEO, which may be considered contentious modifications. His goal is to transform Twitter into a platform where his views on free speech are accepted, which has led to the “amnesty” of previously banned accounts belonging to white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, as well as other individuals who broke Twitter’s previous terms of service.

In a recent Tweet, Musk said Apple had “threatened to withdraw Twitter from its App Store,” without providing further details. The CEO of Twitter also asserts that Apple has “largely ceased advertising” on the platform, albeit he cannot explain why. The wealthiest guy in the world finds it difficult to comprehend why a corporation like Apple would want to exercise some care concerning the fire he’s lighting on Twitter.

Erroneous Market Assumption

Elon Musk believes that Apple and Google control the smartphone industry through a “duopoly.” Even though the two firms dominate a sizable portion of the market, they are not the only significant manufacturers of popular smartphones. Companies like Samsung, Tecno, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus, and many more produce some of the most well-known gadgets in the world. Though Samsung is an exception, they haven’t quite taken off somewhere in the U.S. and Europe like Apple and Google. But it’s a very different scenario in Asia and Africa.

Absurd Logistics

Musk makes one excellent point: Apple and Google effectively control the app store industry on iOS and Android. Twitter would probably die quickly if they removed it from their platforms since most users would go to one of the many other social media applications in the app stores.

If that happened, Musk would allegedly order a business to develop an “alternative smartphone” that would prominently showcase Twitter. It wouldn’t be a selling feature that would appeal to the general public at that point, though, since Twitter would be entirely out of business save for its ways who are obstinate Elon Musk supporters.

Plus, for the Elon/Tesla phone to succeed and justify the lengthy, expensive, and multi-million dollar process of developing a new phone (including an entirely new operating system & app store). It would still need to keep up with the rest of the smartphone market. Numerous smartphone firms, including Carl Pei’s Nothing, have advertised themselves as significant competitors to Apple and Google. Despite this, these devices remain specialized niche offerings that fall short of their goals.

Tesla Pi Phone Not Come Out

Suitable with Starlink

A Model Pi smartphone is anticipated to have access to Starlink built-in, enabling users to browse the web while relying on Earth-based telecom networks. Starlink, which Elon Musk’s other firm, SpaceX, founded, offers high-speed, low-latency internet access in several markets. Using satellites in a low orbit makes video chats, online gaming, and streaming possible. According to the business, it is best suited for places where connectivity has historically been spotty or nonexistent.

Improved Fusion with Electric Vehicles

According to specialists in the field, the new phone will become more seamlessly connected with Tesla’s vehicles, providing drivers more control with a single button press. According to reports, customers would be able to use their phones to manage the temperature, media, and a variety of other amenities in their vehicles, and lock and unlock them.

Encourage Neuralink

The newest phone from Tesla may also feature Neuralink, a system that enables mind-controlled gadget operation. The Neuralink Corporation, which Mr. Musk helped cofound in 2016, aims to create implanted brain implants. The chips will allow computers to translate people’s ideas into actions after they have been adequately planted.

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