Starlink Tesla Pi Phone, Elon Musk Plans, Price & Latest Updates

Starlink Tesla Pi Phone, Elon Musk Plans, Price & Latest Updates There is no longer a Tesla Mobile with Starlink. It is not now conceivable, although it could happen in a few years. Realistically speaking, there are several reasons for that. Most rumors about the device started to spread after an Italian graphic designer by the name of Antonio De Rosa posted illustrations of the Model Pi in a video on his YouTube channel.


The description, in which he made it quite clear that he has no familial ties to Tesla and that all of the photographs are only tributes, went unnoticed, nonetheless. Some users accepted these as gospel and started to think about the Model Pi. There is no use in contemplating the device until Elon Musk tweets that it is real and under development, in my opinion.

Starlink Tesla Phone

Expected Tesla Mobile Features & Theories

According to rumors, The Tesla Mobile reportedly boasts amazing features. There are several theories around it as well. To rapidly examine a handful of them, see below:

  • Starlink will be compatible with Tesla Mobile, and it will function on Mars:

The Model Pi may feature an antenna that would connect it to Starlink and enable it to connect to Mars, according to many rumors. Additionally, download rates of up to 210 Mbps are reportedly available.

  • The Mars Coin will be mined by Tesla Pi Mobile:

According to rumors, this smartphone will mine for Mars Coin, a cryptocurrency. The phone serves as a bitcoin wallet and can be used on Mars.

  • Tesla Mobile and Neuralink will work together:

The goal of Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brainchild, is to build brain-computer interfaces with incredibly high bandwidth. According to sources, the Model Pi will work as designed and have direct communication with the user’s brain.

  • Tesla Pi Mobile will release the first satellite phone that will be widely available:

This smartphone won’t be the first; satellite phones like “Thuraya” and “Iridium” already exist. However, it will be the first smart satellite phone that anybody can buy.

Starlink Tesla Phone and Release Date

An official release date for Tesla Mobile is still pending. The EV behemoth hasn’t even provided a confirmation. However, internet users are knowledgeable.

According to prior sources, Elon Musk was expected to introduce the Tesla Model Pi by the end of 2021. However, such an update is not currently available. The Tesla Model Pi will thus make its debut in 2022, according to the most current sources. However, in our opinion, the development of such a gadget won’t occur until at least 2025. The TeslaMobile will cost too much to be priced similarly to a typical smartphone. As a result, the price will be high. For a concept, the price might range from $2,500 to $4,000.


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