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Congress has required the Diversity Visa Program (DV Lottery), which allows up to 55,000 people from countries that have historically had low rates of immigration to the United States of America to be eligible for immigrant visas, commonly known as Green Cards, each year. The scheme is known as the “Green Card Lottery” or “DV lottery” because the winners are chosen at random from among the 10–12 million applicants who submit applications each year.

The US takes pride in being an immigrant-rich nation. However, several nations are sending significantly more citizens to the USA than other nations. For instance, the total number of immigrants coming from just Mexico, China, and the Philippines dwarfs that coming from the majority of the other nations combined. US regulations control immigration from various parts of the world to preserve diversity in the population. Because of this, the USA has been distributing 55,000 fictitious “Green Cards” at random through the DV Lottery each year since 1994.

DV Lottery

You can use our service if you require assistance with the application procedure or enter the U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery for free at The American Dream – US GreenCard Service GmbH, an authorized immigration consultancy, powers We have no connections to the US government or any other government organization.

The DV Program’s past

The “Alien Registration Receipt Card,” a precursor to the well-known immigration visa, was originally introduced in the 1940s. The first of these IDs, the size of a credit card, had green lettering and a greenish image. As a result, the phrase “Green Card” was created and immediately spread. The Green Card has seen various color changes in the interim. Even though it had previously been pink, pale green has recently been employed once more. With a Green Card, more than 10 million foreigners are currently residing in the USA.

The DV program has previously been carried out six times in October, once in November, and three times in February since 1994. In 2000, the accountable institution underwent modification. The Kentucky Consular Center, which had previously been designated as the National Visa Center in Portsmouth, had to take over processing after the prior National Visa Center in Portsmouth was forced to relinquish control.

One person could still submit multiple applications to the DV lottery in the first year. This caused a few people to submit hundreds of applications, and they most likely received a Green Card as a result. As a result of better-off individuals being able to submit more applications, the institution became utterly overburdened and the distribution became unfair. Since then, everyone has had to rely on Fortuna and is only allowed to submit one application each year.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1990’s sections 201 to 204 serve as the foundation for the Diversity Visa (DV) or DV Lottery Program. The Immigration and Citizenship Service (INS) bases its determination of the countries that qualify and the application requirements on a legal calculation. These guidelines are subject to annual revision.

Does anyone qualify for the DV Lottery 2025?

  • Nearly everyone can submit an application for the diversity visa lottery! To be eligible for a U.S. Green Card, you must fulfill just two conditions:
  • Country of birth according to the political maps of the world at the time, education, and/or employment history
  • If you want to quickly determine whether you’re eligible for the DV Lottery 2025, use the DV Lottery Check!

How does one submit a DV Lottery application?

All eligible individuals are able to register for the DV Lottery on the US Department of State website, and participation is essentially free. However, many people are unaware that up to 40% of all lottery participants are disqualified because of formal or submission-date mistakes in their applications! Although the Diversity Visa Lottery admission or rejection of submissions takes place electronically, participants are not informed of the results. It won’t be disclosed if the application will be entered into the lottery or not.

However, The American Dream, a Green Card service provider, ensures your entry into the legitimate DV Lottery! Each application is carefully reviewed by state-approved emigration advisors before being timely and properly submitted to US authorities. Our staff has already guided more than 21,000 Green Card recipients to the USA with their expert knowledge!

Benefits of having a US Green Card

You can legally live and work in the US continuously if you have a US Green Card. You also possess nearly all of a US citizen’s rights!

Status Check for the DV Lottery

  • You can verify your DV-2024 results with the entrant status check in May 2023 to see if you won the DV Lottery.
  • The DV-2024 Green Card Lottery results can only be viewed if you submitted your application before November 8, 2022.
  • In May 2023, you will be able to view your DV-2024 results. If you want a reminder to stay up to date on DV Lottery news, sign up for our newsletter!

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