Corsair Virtuoso Pro 2024: Specs, Price, Review & Release Date

Corsair Virtuoso Pro

The Corsair Virtuoso Pro lineup of top-of-the-line gaming headsets can be dubbed the Virtuoso. The company takes a lot of care in releasing its new headset. So far, only three products have been offered in the Virtuoso lineup. Many of these are wireless. The first two, the Virtuoso RGB Wireless and the Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE, were launched in 2019. The Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT brought several updates in 2021, mainly focusing on adding Bluetooth connectivity. Everything else is almost the same.

For the Corsair Virtuoso Pro release, it has been completely overhauled. The Corsair Virtuoso Pro shares some design language with its wireless brethren. But it can be made quite differently. Corsair can make a gaming headset that will work well for streamers. The bottom line is that streamers stick with more traditional closed-back headsets.

It may be more practical to use an open-back headset instead. It is modern in sound quality and can be worn comfortably for long periods. An advantage of open-back headphones is that they can offer better ventilation. Its main speaker driver and warm air easily escape instead of accumulating in your ears. An advantage of this is that one’s voice is not muffled or muffled.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro: Build Quality, Closer Examination & Comfort

The company can make its Corsair Virtuoso Pro wearable for four, five, or more hours. The entire frame of the headset is made of aluminum. Ear cups are held in place with yokes. There are no exposed wires, as they are neatly hidden within the headset’s body.

The top of the headband is covered in thick plastic and filled with a fabric-covered plate in a cutout that displays the company logo. This will serve as a means of personalizing the headset. But it doesn’t seem so. Because it will revitalize your favorite headset after years of heavy use, we could disconnect and reconnect it several times with no problems. But the plastic snapping noise it was making in the process was not pleasant at all.

The ear cups are made of thick plastic, which shows no signs of squeaking or rattling. The ear cup holes look attractive, giving the Virtuoso Pro a distinct aesthetic. There’s no mistaking the Virtuoso Pro for any other gaming headset on the market today. The hole is cut into a thin sheet of metal. A seemingly small detail dramatically improves the tactile experience of holding the Virtuoso Pro.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro  2024: Specifications

  • The driver is attached to a 50-mm custom grapheme.
  • Impedance is given as 32 Ω @ 1 kHz.
  • Sensitivity can be 117 dB.
  • The frequency response is 20-40,000 Hz.
  • Designed to be open-back, over-ear.
  • The Microphone is unidirectional detachable.
  • Connections provided are 3.5mm analog, optional 4.4mm balanced (sold separately only).
  • Supplied cables are 3.5mm to Dual 3.5mm (Braided), 3.5mm TRS to Dual 3.5mm TRRS Splitter Cable (Braided) & 3.5mm to Dual 3.5mm (Braided) with Microphone.
  • Additional attachments include removable speaker tags, ear pads, and headband cushions, & hardshell carrying cases.
  • It can support the platform Nintendo Switch, mobile with a 3.5 mm port, PC, Mac, & PlayStation 4/5.
  • It may weigh 338 grams.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro: Microphone Performance

The Corsair Virtuoso Pro’s Microphone can be connected to the Creative Sound Blaster X5 external USB sound card as a headset. We compared the Adam A7X speakers and the Shure SRH840 headphones to review the microphone sound. Both of which fall under the studio monitor category. We can pair them with the topping A90 Discreet.

Country Price
Corsair Virtuoso Pro Price In USA $199.99
Corsair Virtuoso Pro Price In Canada $244.99
Corsair Virtuoso Pro Price In UK £169.99
Corsair Virtuoso Pro Price In Germany €199.99

This essentially offers a high-quality headphone amplifier and speaker preamplifier. The Creative Sound Blaster X5 sound card handles digital-to-analog conversion. Audio Quest Evergreen connects to the top unit with RCA cables. Tests were done on Discord and Audacity, and I also used Audacity to record sound from the Microphone. The sound was initially registered with the Microphone’s sensitivity set correctly. Not post-processed or edited in any way. As you can hear, the Corsair Virtuoso Pro’s unidirectional Microphone sounds decent.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro

Value & Conclusions:

Open-back gaming headsets: Compared to the Drop+Sennheiser PC38X, the Corsair Virtuoso Pro is more comfortable. It is also luxuriously built, slightly better sounding, and easy to restore to its original glory in the long run on the aforementioned replaceable ear pads and inner headband.

It’s $30 more expensive and has a worse microphone than the PC38X. This can be a problem if you plan to use it for streaming. You don’t want to invest in a proper external USB or XLR microphone. Its Microphone is removable, while the PC38X’s Microphone is permanently attached to the headset.

We recommend the Corsair Virtuoso Pro to anyone looking for a high-quality analog gaming headset. Such a product was needed in the market, and I am glad Corsair was willing to release it.

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