Assumption of Mary Holy Day 2023: Best Wishes, Quotes & Images

Assumption of Mary Holy Day 2023: Best Wishes, Quotes & Images – One of the most significant feast days as well as a Holy Day of Obligation according to the official Roman Catholic Church calendar is the Feast of the Assumption. The holy day is customarily observed on the fifteenth of August. The Assumption Feast falls on Monday, August 15, 2023, this year. Mary was “assumed body and soul into celestial glory” a number of years after her son, Jesus, ascended into heaven, according to Roman Catholic doctrine. Only her role in Jesus Christ’s virgin birth surpasses the significance of this occasion in Mary’s life. Numerous great paintings have captured Mary’s moment of ascension into heaven, which evolved into a major motif in Renaissance art.

The Dormition also commemorated on August 15 in the Eastern Orthodox Church, is the name given to the Assumption miracle. Regardless of the name, this day commemorates Mary’s victory over the physical world as her son, Jesus Christ, raises her up into heaven.

Assumption of Mary Holy Day

The most well-known celebration of the Feast of the Assumption in the United States now takes place in Cleveland’s Little Italy during an annual street fair that includes a traditional liturgical procession, Italian delicacies and pastries, family rides, carnival games, and fireworks.

Observation techniques for the Feast of Assumption

Visit a church: No of how you feel about God and religion, go to the service and sit in the back. You can also ask a friend if you can attend along with their family. For Catholics, today is a “Day of Obligation.” Identify your actual feelings if it feels right to do so.

Establish a Mary Garden: Mary is seen as the first person to believe in the resurrection of Christ and “the first fruit” of a massive future crop, and while it is a tradition in Europe, it is not necessary to reside there. It’s usual to have a tiny statue of her guarding your common herbs.

Eating: For a reason, the day is referred to as a “Feast.” Plan a special supper, prepare something at home, volunteer at a soup kitchen, and eat whatever is served there as you reflect on Mary’s life, passing, and legacy. There are no restrictions; your creativity is the only restriction.

The Importance of the Assumption of Mary’s Holy Day

  • It is a central tenet of the Catholic religion

Since Mary was sinless, it makes a canonical explanation for her to have ascended bodily. Catholics hold that a person’s faults during life are what cause their body to deteriorate after death.

  • It plays a significant role in general history

According to the New Advent Encyclopedia, the Feast of the Assumption was first observed in Palestine before the year 500, making it a feast that has been around for more than 1.5 millennia!

  • Being a miracle believer is not a negative thing

Although Mary had passed away next to the apostles, according to John of Damascus, the apostles mistakenly believed that Mary had been miraculously transported to heaven when the tomb was opened to receive her body after the Roman Emperor had made a request for it. We believe that this idea is much more pleasant to consider than picturing grave robbers.

Assumption of Mary Holy Day

Happy Assumption Day Quotes 2023

  • There is no harm in leading a life of virtue and doing good deeds. Remember that your sins can only be washed away by virtue and the blessings of the Virgin Mary. Happy assumption day.
  • Assumption day marks the assumption of Mother Mary in heaven. This day is an auspicious one and we must pray to receive her divine blessings from heaven. Happy assumption day.
  • No matter how difficult your life might be going through at this moment, always remember that Mother Mary is looking after you all the time. Happy assumption day.
  • Never stop believing even if you land in difficult situations in life at times. Your belief in the presence of the Divine Mother Mary is your strength. Happy assumption day.
  • Whenever you will feel low, just think of Mother Mary and you will find strength and peace around you. All you need is to believe. Happy assumption day.
  • Assumption day is all about remembering the holy Mother Mary and cleansing your soul by receiving her blessings from heaven. Happy assumption day.

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