Assumption of Mary 2023: Best Wishes, Images & First Hours

Assumption of Mary 2023: Best Wishes, Images & First Hours – The Assumption of Mary is a very significant day in the Catholic faith; in some regions of Europe, it is often referred to as the “Easter of the summer.” It is also known as the “Dormition of the Virgin Mary” and is the principal feast of the Blessed Virgin, the mother of Jesus Christ.

It is the beginning of the summer vacation season in nations like Spain and Italy. When many people travel to the seaside or the hills to escape the heat of the cities. That is referred to as the “Feast of Our Lady of the Harvest” in some parts of Europe due to its calendar date.

Assumption of Mary

History of the Assumption of Mary

This celebration honors Mary’s passing from this world and the ascension of her body into heaven. According to the official Assumption teaching of the Church. Mary was taken into heaven, body, and soul, after her earthly existence. Mary’s death or “Dormition” is not mentioned in the canonical writings of Christianity. In his partially preserved chronology of the New Testament, Hippolytus of Thebes is a writer from the 7th or 8th century. Asserts that Mary lived for 11 years following the death of Jesus.

The idea that the Virgin died peacefully and without pain is expressed by the phrase “dormition.” This view is supported by Orthodox Christian Holy Tradition rather than any scriptural evidence. Although several ancient apocryphal texts attest to it. Neither the Orthodox Church nor other Christians view these as having the same level of scriptural validity. Some people hold this false notion. That Mary “ascended” into heaven, although the Bible refutes this. Jesus Christ, acting on his initiative, entered heaven. But God “assumed” or “took up” Mary into heaven.

Assumption of Mary 2023:

The Feast of the Assumption is observed by Catholics as a holy day of obligation and as a public holiday in some nations. Devotees refer to it as the Holy Mother’s “heavenly birthday” and believe. However, It is not a day of mourning for her passing. But rather a joyous celebration of the mother’s union with her adored son.

When St. Thomas requested that Mary’s tomb be opened, the Bishop of Jerusalem St. Juvenal informed the emperor that “Mary died in the presence of all the Apostles, but that when the tomb was opened, it was found empty; the Apostles reasoned that the body was taken up to heaven.” Mary “was assumed body and soul into the glory of Heaven following the culmination of her earthly life,” according to Pope Pius Xll in 1950. However, It was against the law for her remains to rot or rest in a tomb. Although several cities have asserted ownership of her makeshift mausoleum.

Why is the Assumption on August 15?

On November 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII declared the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which the Church celebrates every year on August 15. However, Simply put, the dogma of the Assumption states that at the end of her life, the Blessed Virgin Mary was taken, body and soul, into Heaven.

Assumption of Mary Holy Day

Happy Assumption Day Wishes for 2023

  • Faith and belief are your biggest weapons against evil. May Mother Mary give you all the strength you need to make your way through. Happy Assumption Day Wishes.
  • On this auspicious day, I wish that all your wishes and dreams come true, and may Mother Mary bless you with everything good. Happy Assumption Day 2023.
  • Greetings and best wishes for your life ahead and I pray to Mother Mary that all your hurdles fade away from your life. Happy Assumption Day 2023.
  • Believe in yourself and keep faith in God. When you will think you are alone, then know that Mother Mary is with you always, Happy Assumption Day 2023.
  • This assumption day, attend the mass with your family and friends and seek blessings from the divine Mother Mary. assumption day.
  • This is the perfect day for you to cleanse your mind and soul and pray for the betterment of your life to the Virgin Mary. Happy Assumption Day Wishes.

Happy Assumption Day Quotes 2023

  • There is no harm in leading a life of virtue and doing good deeds. Remember that your sins can only be washed away by virtue and the blessings of the Virgin Mary. However, Happy Assumption Day Quotes.
  • Assumption day marks the assumption of Mother Mary in heaven. This day is an auspicious one and we must pray to receive her divine blessings from heaven. Happy Assumption Day.
  • No matter how difficult your life might be going through at this moment, always remember that Mother Mary is looking after you all the time. Happy assumption day.
  • Never stop believing even if you land in difficult situations in life at times. Your belief in the presence of the Divine Mother Mary is your strength. Happy Assumption Day.
  • Whenever you will feel low, just think of Mother Mary and you will find strength and peace around you. All you need is to believe. Happy Assumption Day.
  • Assumption day is all about remembering the holy Mother Mary and cleansing your soul by receiving her blessings from heaven. Happy assumption day.
  • Germany is a country full of festivals and Assumption day is considered one of the biggest festivals in the country. Enjoy the day with your loved ones. Happy Assumption Day 2023.

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