New 2025 Apple Watch Ultra 3: Rumors, Leaks & Wish List

Apple Watch Ultra 3

Brand Apple
Model Watch Ultra 3 2025
Starting Price $799 to $999
Release Date 2025

Apple is a famous watch manufacturing company. It will appear in early 2025 with its future advanced Apple Watch Ultra 3 2025. The Watch Ultra 3 may use a micro-LED display to ensure the manufacturability of new features. It may also include advanced health management features, more robust battery life and advanced sensors. We will discuss the Apple Watch Ultra 3 in detail in this article. Stay tuned, watch lovers of the world. And keep reading the article carefully.

2025 Apple Watch Ultra 3 Expected Designs:

Apple Watch Ultra 3 is still a futuristic concept, though. But the Apple Watch Ultra lineup should aim to be more sophisticated in size and style, as trusted websites expect. Ultra’s 49mm size must also be more significant for many wrists. Adding a few different size options to the Ultra 3 will make it more appealing.

Keep the 49mm variant, but another version closer to 41mm would fit nicely on the wrist. It’s interesting to see how Apple will arrange different colours regarding sizing and taste. Appl. Watch Ultra 3 may use more robust, lighter materials, such as new materials like titanium alloy or carbon composite. This will result in improved durability and reduced weight.

2025 Apple Watch Ultra 3 Wish List:

While the Apple Watch Ultra 3 details are not exhaustive, some possible features have been speculated based on its previous model. Let’s take a look.

  • Micro LED Display: MicroLED screens are relatively brighter, thinner and cheaper. In short, this will be the future of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 2025. Micro LEDs have excellent colour reproduction and are capable of true blacks. These screens are capable of staying consistent for a long time. 4,000 or even 5,000 nits would be a welcome improvement if the screen’s brightness is anything to go by. Can enable always-on bright mode. It also improves the energy efficiency of Micro LED. The upcoming Apple Watch Ultra 3 will likely feature a micro-LED display.
  • Improved Battery Life: The battery life of the Apple Watch Ultra 3 needs to be improved. Current Ultra 2 gets 36 hours of battery life under standard conditions and up to 72 hours in low-power mode. Those numbers are acceptable, however, since battery life is already a selling point of the Ultra. Hence, it increases the demand for athletes’ and adventurers’ time. So, we expect the Watch Ultra 3 to add improved battery life compared to the previous model.
  • Latest Waterproof: Whether you’re lounging by the lake, boating, snorkelling or light scuba diving, the first thing the Apple Watch Ultra needs to do well is a good water resistance rating. A slight increase from 100 meters of water resistance would be a real thrill for buyers.
  • Advanced sensors: We expect advanced health sensors in the Apple Watch Ultra 3. Which helps better track metrics like blood pressure, glucose and alcohol levels.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 Release Date 2025:

No official announcement about the Apple Watch Ultra 3 release date is enough. However, according to estimates from various websites and unique sources, this smartwatch can hit the global market at the beginning of 2025.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 Price:

There is no official announcement about the price of the New 2025 Apple Watch Ultra 3: Rumors, Leaks & Wish List yet. However, according to the estimates of various websites and unique sources, this smartwatch may come into the market in the same price range as the previous models. The expected price range could be $799 to $999.

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