New 2025 OnePlus Watch 3 – Rumors, Price & Release Date

OnePlus Watch 3

Brand OnePlus
Model OnePlus Watch 3
Release Date In 2025

The famous Chinese consumer electronics company OnePlus will soon bring us an attractive and sleek watch, the OnePlus Watch 3 2025. It will have a 1.43-inch AMOLED display. The watch may be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chipset.

According to the leak, we can get Wear OS 4 as the operating system. Also, this modern watch will get the same circular design as the previous model. We will discuss it in detail in this article. Watch lovers, stay tuned and read the article carefully to get the necessary information.

2025 OnePlus Watch 3 Latest Designs:

OnePlus Watch 3 is going to have the same circular design as the original OnePlus Watch, according to rumours and leaks about this latest watch that have surfaced on the net. Its overall design is very similar to the previous design.

However, slight changes are noticeable in some areas, such as a protrusion from the watch case on the right side. There are two buttons on the edge of the protrusion. Its top button is round, and the bottom button is elongated. You can scroll the screen, and the integration of advanced sensors for ECG reading is also expected.

2025 OnePlus Watch 3 Hardware Updates:

Various rumours about the hardware of the OnePlus Watch 3 are running on the net world. However, per the speculations of trusted websites, the watch may have a 1.43-inch AMOLED display. This display has a resolution of 466×466.

Also, get Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 as the chipset. It will offer a significant performance boost over the previous model’s chipset and be more efficient. It is also expected to include ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, and stress and sleep monitoring sensors. The OnePlus Watch 2 will run WearOS 4 if rumours are believed.

OnePlus Watch 3 Release Date 2025:

The release date of the OnePlus Watch 3 still needs to be determined as official information is insufficient. However, sources from most trusted websites agree that the OnePlus Watch 3 will drop by 2025.

OnePlus Watch 3 2025 Price:

Here, we give you the OnePlus Watch 3 expected Price in different countries. Let’s take a look.

Country Name Expected Price
OnePlus Watch 3 Price in USA $210
OnePlus Watch 3 Price in UK £180
OnePlus Watch 3 Price in Australia AUD320

OnePlus Watch 3 Battery Life:

In the OnePlus Watch 3, we expect improved battery life and faster and more reliable performance. According to published leaks and estimates from trusted websites, the modern watch may have a lithium polymer non-removable battery of 402mAh. Also, its battery life can be up to 14 days.

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