Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 2023: Price, Release Date & Key Features

Xiaomi has begun to place significant bets on the smart screen market, which was formerly dominated by the Amazon Echo Show alone. The Chinese manufacturer unveiled the Xiaomi Smart Display 10 earlier this year, and now they have introduced a new choice with a more small size and pricing. We’re talking about the Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6, which has a 6-inch screen, a slew of smart functionalities with MIUI Home, and more.

The front of the new smart screen device features a 6-inch display. Additionally, it has an integrated design, with the screen panel located above the speaker. The front additionally has a 2-megapixel camera designed for both remote monitoring and video calling.

Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6

The gadget is compatible with the MIUI Home system, which features a children’s mode and Xiaomi peers. Aside from that, it may essentially operate as the smart central control hub for your smart home, which includes a variety of smart home gadgets. The Smart Home Display 6 can also work in tandem with the Smart Home Display 10 to control your smart devices independently. As of now, the product is not available in the region. However, pre-orders for the Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 are already available for 349 Yuan (roughly 52 US Dollars).

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 includes a Bluetooth mesh gateway, which allows smart devices to immediately configure their networks. There is also an adjustable stand on the back of the fuselage that users may easily position.

The Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 also includes some useful privacy features. This has a physical button on the side that turns off the microphone. This is useful if you don’t want the smart home display to listen in on delicate conversations going on around it. Turning off the microphone, however, will disable the Xiaomi voice assistant.

Xiaomi claims that the Smart Home Display 6 can work in tandem with the Smart Home Display 10. This will allow you to have distinct control over the other smart home appliances that are currently in your home.

Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 Price

The Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 is now available only in China, where it costs 349 yuan (about 51 euros). Thus far, no Xiaomi smart screen has been officially released for sale outside of China, so it is unlikely that it will be available in Spain. In any event, we will keep you updated on any developments.

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