New 2024 Windows 15: Release Date, Price & Everything Else We Know

New 2024 Windows 15: Release Date, Price & Everything Else We Know which wasn’t all that well-liked and launched to a largely unfavorable reaction, was replaced by Windows 15. New Windows 15 brought a slew of innovative capabilities, including a fully new global menu bar, thinner Start Menu, and a more consistent user interface (UI) that adhered to Microsoft’s Fluent/Win-UI rules, with Acrylic and Mica generally showing more frequently throughout routine use.


The Windows logo was somewhat improved in Microsoft Windows 15 such that it now appears flat black on light backgrounds and milky white on dark backgrounds. Although Windows 15 was initially warmly received, many people considered the new Start screen too small. Thankfully, Microsoft included the capability to adjust the Start menu in a subsequent version.

Windows 15 Release Date

New Windows 15: What exactly is it?

The fifteenth major version of Windows is Windows 15. It is Windows 14’s replacement and Windows 16’s predecessor. When Windows 15 first came out, it was generally favorably received, but many people thought the new Taskbar was too small. Fortunately, a subsequent update from Microsoft added the capability to expand the Start menu.

What date will Windows 15 ISO debut?

A big update to Windows is expected to be released sometime in October 2037, according to sources. For the time being, that is all the information we truly have, and it could be some time before we learn anything further. In the autumn, or at the very least in the second part of the year, if previous releases are any indicator, Windows 15 should be released, but nothing is guaranteed. Microsoft has disputed the rumors that it’s developing on Windows 15 however given how far away its release is, it’s possible that the corporation is merely keeping its options open.


Will the upgrade to Windows 15 ISO be free?

When Windows 15 launches, one of the major concerns you’ll probably be wondering is if you will pay a charge to upgrade. Thankfully, this seems unlikely. It only stands to reason for Microsoft to keep providing significant Windows upgrades without charge to current Windows customers, as it has done for a number of years. It goes without saying that Windows 15 itself probably won’t be free because if you really shouldn’t have any kind of Windows license, you’ll still have to pay for it.

New 2024 Windows 14: Release Date, Price & Everything Else We Know

To this, no is the most likely response. Microsoft’s campaign to coerce people into installing newer versions of Windows has been drastically scaled back. For users of Windows 10, Windows 11 continues to be an optional update, and it’s probable that this strategy will be maintained in subsequent editions. On the other hand, if your current operating system version is getting close to the conclusion of its support cycle, updating to newer versions of Windows could be required.


If you own a Home or Pro copy of Windows, for instance, the actual launch of Windows 11 would be maintained for 24 months. Windows 11 generation 22H2 won’t be required, but it will likely be installed immediately in 2023 so you may continue receiving security updates.

Launch Date October 2037
Manufactured by Microsoft
Upgrade Mechanism Windows Update
Kernel Type Quantum Kernel
OS Family Windows Quantum
Code Name Zinc
Complete Name Windows 15
accompanied by Windows 14
chased by Windows 16
Assert Unreleased
Support Ends September 2045

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