2024 Tesla Hardware 4 – (Updated): Pricing & Release Date

Tesla Hardware 4Tesla has always had a unique role in integrating the latest automotive technology into its electric vehicles. Its latest venture – the Tesla Hardware 4 (HW4) – is no exception. This is designed to work with the Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer as an advanced suite of autopilot/self-driving sensors.

The HW4 is poised to push the performance envelope further in autonomous driving. Perhaps different manufacturers like Ford that make cars with Autopilot-like features.

2024 Hardware 4 – FSD Computer 2 + New Sensors

Although the hardware was tied to the computing power of 3 FSD computers, Hardware 4 includes an update for FSD computers, and the HW4 specs specifically include the entire sensor suite. It is worth noting that Tesla has started the rollout of HW4 without making any official announcement. The reason behind this could be a strategy to avoid affecting sales of models that are yet to receive the new hardware.

New Hardware 4 2024: Updated Sensor Suite

Hardware 4.0 uses Tesla’s Autopilot/Self-Driving sensors and is considered the latest suite of a new FSD computer. The new hardware, once fully launched, is expected to include the following:

  • It features a new front-facing camera with a higher resolution and a wider field of view.
  • A new camera on each B-pillar makes seeing to the side and slightly forward easier.
  • A new camera on each C-pillar can see equally to the side and slightly back.
  • It features a new rear-facing camera with a higher resolution and a larger field of view.
  • A new cabin camera with an updated higher resolution and a larger field of view is fitted.
  • Each Fender has a new camera to see the car’s rear (TBD rumours).
  • An expected new radar named “Phoenix” also promises more accuracy than the previous unit (TBD).

The new hardware adds 12 cameras to the HW4 compared to the nine cameras on the HW3. A camera connector on the board may be labelled “Extra,” suggesting that Tesla may add another camera. However, we have not yet encountered additional cameras or radar units for monitoring.

Updated FSD Computer – FSD Computer 2

The new self-driving computer, FSD Computer 2, is expected to be much faster than the hardware 3. This can provide a significant increase in processing power. It is also based on the same Samsung Exynos architecture as the previous model.

This iteration will be slightly more powerful, with the number of CPU cores going from 12 to 20 per side. Each has a maximum usage target frequency of 2.35 GHz and an idle speed of 1.37 GHz. The neural network accelerator, which can deliver up to 50 TOPS performance compared to 36 TOPS on HW3, has also been improved.

A unique aspect of Hardware 4 is the re-introduction of redundancy. Two nodes are provided on each board of the new hardware suite. This simultaneously computes the data quickly and compares the outputs easily.

Tesla Hardware 4 2024: Feature

2024 Hardware 4 has improved cameras with a faster FSD computer and upgraded sensors, including a new, more precise radar. Below are the features of New Hardware 4 2024:

  • Built on Samsung Exynos-IP.
  • It has 12 CPU cores and 20 CPU cores.
  • Given three neural network (NN) processors.
  • NN processor frequency is 2.2 GHz.
  • Estimated TSMC’s 7nm or N4 (4nm class) offered.
  • 36 TOPS 50 TOPS awarded.
  • 5MP cameras are attached around the car.
  • It is more detailed and is believed to be the Phoenix radar unit in Arabia, with a range of 300 meters.

2024 Hardware 4: Rollout

Tesla will start producing new Tesla cars equipped with HW4 in early 2023. It initially started with its flagship models, Model S and Model X. Already, some owners who took delivery of their new EVs have reported that their vehicles had HW4 pre-installed, and Tesla’s internal system confirmed that.

Depending on the new car hardware, some temporary features, such as cruise control, autopilot, navigation on autopilot, parking sensors, FSD beta visualization, and rear backup camera, are unavailable. Tesla has been gradually rolling out those features since July 2023.

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