Super Saturday 2023 (2021): Date, Schedule, Ticket & Shopping

Super Saturday

Because it is the last day of the Black Friday-Christmas Eve shopping season, the Saturday before Christmas Eve is known as Super Saturday (also known as Panic Saturday). For many companies, it is one of the days of the year with the highest retail sales and foot traffic. Because buying Christmas presents online may not be an option, unlike on Black Friday, because of the danger of late delivery, for many shoppers, this is their last chance to do so (Super Saturday can occur as early as December 17 and as late as December 23).

In an effort to further entice customers into stores and get rid of Christmas goods, retailers offer substantial discounts, extend store hours, and in some cases, see double or treble their typical customer numbers.

Why is it named Super Saturday?

Super Saturday is also known as Panic Saturday. Both titles capture the excitement of the day, which involves hectic last-minute shoppers and fantastic deals.

When is Super Saturday 2023?

Super Saturday in 2023 is December 17. Customers have plenty of time to purchase, wrap, ship, or box gifts before Christmas Eve because the savings event often takes place on the Saturday before Christmas. No matter what holiday you observe, you won’t want to miss the specials. Super Saturday this year is the day before Hanukkah, providing it a great chance to save money before the eight nights of festivities begin.

Which stores will take part in Super Saturday 2023?

Well-known stores participate in the day-of promotions. Consider establishments like

  • Amazon,
  • Walmart,
  • Saks Fifth Avenue,
  • Macy’s,
  • and more.

We’ve assembled a significant list of businesses providing discounts on apparel, gadgets, home products, and toys in the list above.

What does Super Saturday mean in the retail industry?

  • Super Saturday is the name given by retailers and shoppers to the last Saturday before Christmas Eve.
  • It is the final significant attempt made by companies to boost sales during the crucial Christmas season. Furthermore, it’s one of the final chances for clients to finish their shopping lists.
  • Jacqueline Snyder, a fashion designer, small business coaching platform co-founder, and expert in product startups says, “It’s a hugely essential day for retailers as it functions as the close to the Christmas shopping season that begins on Black Friday.”
  • This day often sees a substantial boost in foot traffic at brick-and-mortar retailers as it might be too late to get gifts online and it is the perfect opportunity to sell seasonal items on sale. It’s the last big push for retailers before post-Christmas markdowns, according to Jacqueline.
  • Although its proximity to record-breaking days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sometimes deter stores from investing more resources to tempt customers, Super Saturday is proving to be a crucial day for company owners who want to end the year on a high note.
  • Super Saturday retail sales in 2019 were $34.4 billion, which was 7% more than in 2018 and even 10% more than Black Friday. Even if foot traffic hadn’t yet reached pre-pandemic levels, Super Saturday was the second-largest shopping day in the United States in 2021, beating 2020 estimates by 19.4%.

Top Activities & Events for Super Saturday 2023

  • Put everything you intend to buy in your shopping cart from each retail establishment. Buy everything and give it to a charity of your choice to help folks who don’t have Christmas presents.
  • Bring your friends and family to the mall on Super Saturday, but instead of going shopping go see a movie or grab a bite to eat. If you happen to see a deal on something you like, you can always grab it, but you can go to the mall for purposes other than simply shopping!
  • To spread awareness, use the hashtags #SuperSaturday, #LastSaturdayForDeals, and #LastMinuteShopping.
  • Watch a movie about shopping, like Confessions of a Shopaholic or Clueless (1995). (2012).
  • Place an order! Treat yourself to something you’ve been saving up for. There’s a high chance it will be on sale on Super Saturday!

super saturday

Upcoming Super Saturday Dates

Super Saturday 2023 December 23, 2023 Saturday
Super Saturday 2024 December 21, 2024 Saturday
Super Saturday 2025 December 20, 2025 Saturday
Super Saturday 2026 December 19, 2026 Saturday
Super Saturday 2027 December 18, 2027 Saturday
Super Saturday 2028 December 23, 2028 Saturday

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