How to Use the Subaru Starlink App System?

Subaru Starlink App

What is the Subaru Starlink App?

The majority of automakers now provide in-vehicle telematics platforms that offer connection, entertainment, and safety features to improve driving. These functions are known as linked services as a whole. As a result, Subaru Starlink is a paid service that offers passengers and drivers on-demand real-time assistance.

Functionalities Subaru Starlink App Offers:

Starlink provides two primary types of functionalities: Safety and security and Multimedia services, both powered by 4G LTE capabilities. Together, these suites provide a variety of technological innovations that improve the fun and assurance of operating a Subaru.

Roadside assistance, stolen vehicle retrieval, and automated collision notification are just a few of the safety and security options available. The multimedia features of Starlink give users access to news, directions, climate, music, and other types of material.

Safety and Security Features by Subaru Starlink App:

For the owner and passengers of the car, Starlink Safety and Security features assist in giving security and peace of mind. This is among its components:

  • Automated Collision Alert: When an airbag inflates, a call is sent to Subaru Starlink. The adviser will immediately dispatch first responders to the vehicle’s GPS position if the driver doesn’t react.
  • Diagnosis Notifications: All major vehicle systems are routinely subjected to diagnostic tests by Starlink. The owner will get an email with instructions on how to fix the problem if the system discovers one.
  • Remote Services: Owners may activate a number of remote capabilities using the MySubaru smartphone app. These consist of door locking and unlocking, remote engine starting, and activating the security alarm on the car. Additionally, the system will immediately alert the owner of the event if the security alarm is activated.
  • Customer Support: This service is available at the touch of a button in non-emergency scenarios like a dead battery or a flat tire. The overhead console’s blue I button connects the driver to Starlink, which will send a tow truck to the vehicle’s GPS position.
  • SOS Emergency Support: This tool offers on-the-spot assistance for almost any emergency that could occur while driving. The overhead console’s red SOS button links the driver to a live Starlink counselor. Every day, nonstop
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Subaru Starlink can turn on an immobilizer to prevent a stolen automobile from being driven. Beyond that, once the owner makes a police report, Starlink collaborates with law authorities to assist in the recovery of the stolen car.

Multimedia Services by Subaru Starlink App:

Once installed on a smartphone, the Starlink app may wirelessly connect to the in-car system and allow the driver to choose their preferred app or entertainment option. The driver can have more control over navigation, phone calls, entertainment functions, and, on select Subaru models, climate settings, thanks to voice-command technology. We believe the following STARLINK Multimedia highlights will appeal to you:

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto™
  • Voice Command
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • STARLINK navigation system
  • Aha Radio™
  • Pandora
  • SiriusXM

Vehicle’s Condition Report:

A monthly Vehicle Health Report is provided by the Starlink system to the owner, who is proactively kept informed of the vehicle’s status. This thorough diagnostic summary is routinely emailed to the owner at the same time each month. The device also alerts the owner when routine maintenance is required and includes a link to book a service appointment at a nearby Subaru shop.

How to Use the Subaru Starlink App?

Here’s how to install the Subaru STARLINK app on your phone, connect, and use it:

  1. Park the car and apply the parking brake in a place where it’s safe to do so.
  2. You can choose to turn off the engine and go to the accessories mode on your Subaru. You might also continue to drive the car.
  3. Accept the warning message when the STARLINK logo appears on the screen.
  4. Select “home” to connect your phone to your car. Once your phone has been identified, you may add it here. Install the Subaru STARLINK app in the App Store after this.
  5. You may now use the touchscreen infotainment system in your Subaru to access the functions you wish.

Cost of Subaru Starlink App:

The complete telematics system Subaru Starlink improves vehicle security and offers a wide range of multimedia and communications features. The $99 or $149 yearly premium for this service would be well worth it for individuals seeking a more comprehensive ownership and driving experience.

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