Siyata Mobile SD7 2022: Review, Price, Release Date & News

With the upcoming Siyata Mobile SD7 Phone, you will find out more information about the device. In this article, we’ll talk about the phone’s features, price, and specifications, and give our review. Let’s get started. Here we will cover information about the Siyata SD7. When will the new phone be available? And will it be better than the current Siyata Mobile? And also, a review of the Siyata SD7 2022!


Siyata Mobile SD7 Release Date

Siyata has confirmed the global launch date of the new Siyata SD7 in August. The event is going to be held in Taiwan and will be broadcast live online. The live event will begin at 8 PM Taipei Time (UTC +8) which is approximately 5.30 PM IST. If you want to be the first to know when the phone will be released, make sure to follow the official Siyata Twitter account.

Siyata Mobile SD7

In case you’re looking to purchase one of the most powerful smartphones available, the Siyata Mobile SD7 may be a perfect choice. Siyata SD7 is the next generation of the company’s popular gaming phones and will release in August 2022. While we had the Siyata SD7 more than a year ago, the Siyata Mobile SD7 will be released in a similar fashion. If you are waiting for a new phone that is better than the Siyata Mobile, make sure to keep an eye out for the Siyata Mobile SD7 launch.

Siyata Mobile SD7 Price 2022

The expected price of the Siyata SD7 Price in Euro is £320.00. The Siyata Mobile SD7 is a powerful flagship investment that delivers a premium operative experience with its excellent battery configuration


Siyata SD7 is a gaming-focused smartphone with a 0.97” display. It has a 3800mAh battery and supports dual 4G/LTE. The phone may be available in both Phantom Black and Storm White colors, which makes it a versatile smartphone for gaming.

Siyata Mobile SD7 Key Features

  • 97″ OLED Display
  • Support for Dual Nano-SIM cards
  • Compatible With Connect Plus
  • IP68 – Protected Against Dust And Debris
  • Dedicated PTT Button
  • SOS Button
  • 3600 mAh Removable Locking Battery
  • Vehicle Kit Available
  • 5 Watts Speaker – Very Loud Speaker For Excellent Sound Quality
  • Rotary Knob – Easy Channel Selection
  • Drop Protection
  • 1 x Siyata SD7
  • 1 x C Smart Charging Cable
  • Volume Rockers

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