Samsung Galaxy S24 Battery Life Super Fast Charging 2.0

Samsung Galaxy S24 Battery Life

Samsung will release the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series mobile with some promising upgrades in terms of internals and design at the beginning of the new year. This company recently released its Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 with quite a significant upgrade. Galaxy Z Flip 5 is seen to now feature a larger screen on the outside, which is capable of offering a new feature-rich experience for Galaxy lovers. As already seen, the next Galaxy S24 series has started various speculations with a lot of interest from users.

We got the Galaxy S24 teaser earlier this week from our folks at GalaxyClub. It looks like the base Galaxy S24 model gets a slight upgrade in battery capacity, just like the Galaxy S24+. Instead of a 3,900 mAh battery like the previously released Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23, the base model S24 will pack a 4,000 mAh battery.

Will the bigger Galaxy S24 Battery upgrade be available for Galaxy S21 users? The new upcoming Samsung base Galaxy S24 will basically get the same old battery that was previously attached to the Samsung Galaxy S21. Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ included smaller batteries (3,700 mAh and 4,500 mAh, respectively) than Galaxy S21 (4,000 mAh) and Galaxy S21+ (4,800 mAh) in recent predecessors.

As seen in the past, S23 and S23+ have increased capabilities, but they still have less growth than Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+. However, for models that come with the Galaxy S24 series, at least the Plus model’s battery is likely to be bigger than the S21+, if not by a huge margin. Its base model is expected to have a 4,000 mAh battery.

What does SAMSUNG GALAXY S24 battery Life predict?

Two different-sized Samsung Galaxy S24 battery leaks suggest the Galaxy S24 will have a 4,000mAh battery. We have given it based on credible theory, so it is very likely to be correct. So expect the Galaxy S24’s battery life to at least match that.

The model features a slightly longer battery life, a larger battery size, and a new – potentially more power-efficient – chipset. It’s also reported that the screen will have a slightly larger display at 6.2 inches compared to the Galaxy S23’s 6.1 inches so it may drain the battery more.

For the life of the Galaxy S23, Samsung officially claims that the new model will last up to 20 hours of internet usage. Users can also get up to 22 hours of video playback or up to 71 hours of audio playback. As for charging, we found out in one leak that the Galaxy S24 will be limited to 25W, while another claims that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be able to get from zero to 50% in 30 minutes, which is pretty convincing for 25W.

Samsung Galaxy S24 2024 Full Specifications:

Battery Type Li-polymer
Capacity 4000mAh
Quick Charging Super Fast Charging 2.0
Removable No
USB Type Type C
Wireless Charging No
Charging Speed 25W

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