New ProTabletX 2024: Reviews, Price, Release Date & Full Specs


Welcome to all visitors; if you’re searching for a cutting-edge Android tablet with a comprehensive suite of features, you won’t want to miss the New (2024) ProTabletX Reviews, Price, and Full Specifications. This innovative new device is designed to provide lightning-fast internet connectivity and all the tools you need to work, play, and stay connected with others. We’ve covered you with our in-depth review if you want to learn more.

What Is ProTabletX?

ProTabletX is an affordable new tablet compatible with 5G technology and boasts a spacious 12.9-inch display. This device is ideal for individuals seeking a high-quality tablet that won’t break the bank.



ProTabletX Price In USA $699
ProTabletX Price In Canada CA$398
ProTabletX Price In UK £552
ProTabletX Price In Germany €638

Despite its compact design, the ProTabletX is a powerful gadget that can handle many tasks. It’s perfect for work, allowing users to run all Office programs and conduct business meetings thanks to its impressive camera. Users can download movies and games for entertainment and enjoy smooth playback without lag or frame rate drops.

Android ProTabletX Main Specification

  1. These are the most relevant features of Android ProTabletX:
  2. It has two cameras: one has 13 megapixels, and the other one has 8.
  3. Fully compatible with Android 10.1.
  4. Has dual-SIM support.
  5. It’s entirely consistent with a 5G internet signal.
  6. The high-quality screen is resistant to damage.
  7. Has FM radio support.
  8. The ProTabletX measures 12.9 inches.
  9. Uses a rechargeable 8800mAh battery.
  10. Comes with a type-C USB cable and charger.
  11. Excellent for both entertainment and work purposes.
  12. You can buy it in several colours (black, white, blue, green).

What are the ProTabletX Pros and cons?


  • It’s relatively big for a tablet device but also small enough to be handy. Download movies and games.
  • Comes with support for two different SIM cards and 5G technology.
  • HD Front Camera for video calls
  • Made with very resistant materials
  • It comes with FM radio
  • Perfect for home or work
  • Uses the universal Android operating system.
  • Excellent for people who need a tablet for all Office programs
  • Charges fast, and the battery lasts for a long time.


  • It’s not as powerful as some more expensive models.
  • The 3-year warranty is sold separately.

What is the Process for Charging ProTabletX?

Charging the ProTabletX is a straightforward process. Connect the USB cable to any power source, and the device will begin charging automatically. Within a few hours, the tablet will be fully charged, and the battery life will last for several hours, depending on the intensity of the activities you’re using it for.

Is it Safe to Let My Kids Use ProTabletX?

Let children use ProTabletX safely since it has no small parts (assuming that the device is not broken or opened). However, it’s generally recommended that children below preschool age should not be left unsupervised with technology devices like tablets or smartphones. Therefore, it’s up to the parent or guardian’s discretion to decide if it’s appropriate for their child to use the device.

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