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This Nothing Launcher beta Apk will take a look at its main features. It offers a single wallpaper, which first appeared in a March 2022 operating system preview. Its main advantage is reducing the amount of text and widgets on the home screen. Besides this, Nothing Launcher beta Apk widgets are fairly standard, though they do include a few interesting additions. In addition, Nothing Launcher offers other wallpapers in its settings menu.

Nothing Launcher beta Apk: Easy to Use

You can download the Nothing Launcher Beta Apk from the Google Play Store. This application is extremely easy to use and you can change the theme of the app to suit your needs. Nothing Launcher has a number of default themes available that you can choose from, and you can also customize them to make the application look unique. There are also themes for each category of apps. There is no need to worry about confusing settings because this app is very simple to operate.

Nothing Launcher Beta

The Nothing Launcher app is 100% free to download and is very simple to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge or prior experience to download and install the application. The application is designed to fix any problems that you may encounter with your Android device. Most users are used to the annoying problems associated with lagging or hanging, so Nothing Launcher is very useful for these users. You can even set the maximum icon size to fit your screen.

Nothing Launcher Beta Version Enlarges App Icons

The latest Android update brings an improved version of Nothing Launcher beta Apk This new launcher allows you to enlarge app icons without compromising the minimalism of your home screen. The app icons are bigger than ever with padding between them. You can even increase the size of folders by enlarging the icons. Besides enlarging app icons, Nothing Launcher beta Apk also has widgets, clock and weather widgets, and wallpapers. Users also can use the new feature, Max Folders, to increase the size of application folders.

Nothing Launcher also supports custom icon packs. Although Google is currently working on creating a unified look with Material You-themed icons, there are other first-party launchers that support this feature. Custom icon packs allow you to customize the look and feel of your phone by changing its icons. Moreover, you can use the app’s icon pack to make the icons look like those on other devices.

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Nothing Launcher Beta Version Isn’t glitchy

The latest version of Nothing Launcher has been released as a beta version. This application is designed to give users a barebones experience while maintaining a sleek and clean appearance. The only downside of  Nothing Launcher beta Apk is the absence of the Google Discover feed. However, there are some additional features that make it a great alternative to stock Android launchers. Here are the pros and cons of Nothing Launcher Beta Apk.

The beta version of  Nothing Launcher beta Apk is still in the testing phase. Currently, it only supports Pixel 5/6 and Samsung’s S21/S22 lineup. However, the company plans to expand the beta’s compatibility list with time. If you’re planning to install Nothing Launcher, make sure that it works on your device before installing it on yours. If you’re worried about glitches, you may want to try the full version.

 Nothing Launcher Beta Version Download Apk on Android

  • Download Nothing Launcher APKto your phone using the given link.
  • Once downloaded, open the file.
  • If you are installing the APK file for the first time, a popup will appear saying that the installation source may have harmed your device.
  • You can bypass this by tapping on Settings and toggling Allow apps from this source.
  • Tap on Install and give it a second.
  • Unlike traditional APK installation, you won’t be able to open the app right away.
  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Default apps and select Anything Launcher under the Home Screen section.

Lacks Customization

If you’re looking for a minimalist launcher that pairs the Material You engine of Android 12 with a flat design, Nothing Launcher beta Apk may be the right app for you. But, it lacks customization and has a few other shortcomings that keep it from being the perfect replacement for stock Android. Let’s take a closer look at this new app. This is a beta version of the application, so you may want to wait until the official release date to see how much it changes.

The first thing to notice about the app is its simplicity. There are no suggested apps and no home screen widgets, but you’ll still get a clean and minimalist look. The app drawer has a few widgets that fit into the “Nothing style,” including one for the weather. The weather app offers both Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can even choose the location manually. The other drawback is the lack of customization. Nothing Launcher beta Apk is the latest version and is available in the market in march 2022.

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