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November 15, 2022, is National Entrepreneurs Day including its History, Activities, and Reasons! Every year, on the third Tuesday in November (November 15), National Entrepreneur’s Day recognizes those who started from nothing and developed successful businesses. Brilliant minds’ revolutionary discoveries have influenced not just our present but also our future.


Day of the Entrepreneur in 2022

The third Tuesday in November is recognized as National Entrepreneurs’ Day, honoring those who embody one of America’s strongest traits: entrepreneurship. America was founded on entrepreneurs who created something remarkable from nothing by inventing a good or a business that employs others and makes money. Entrepreneurial minds are typically those of ambitious visionaries who identify needs and develop answers. Every item that has evolved into a need in our everyday lives was once simply an idea in the head of an aspiring businessperson.

National Entrepreneurs Day

This day honors those achievers and motivates individuals, particularly those in the younger generation, to pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavors. In the US, National Entrepreneurs Day is not a recognized holiday.


The French term entreprendre, which means “undertake,” is where the word “entrepreneur” originates. It initially appears in the year 1723 edition of Jacques des Bruslons’ “Dictionnaire Universel de Commerce,” a French dictionary. Richard Cantillon, an Irish-French economist, developed the field of entrepreneurship research in the late 17th as well as early 18th centuries. In his book “Essay just on nature of commerce in General,” he described an entrepreneur as someone who purchases a good at a specific price and then resells it for a variable sum.


Cantillon distinguished between the entrepreneur as well as the investor by emphasizing the entrepreneur’s willingness to accept the risk as well as deal with the uncertainty. Jean-Baptiste Say, a different French economist, highlighted the importance of entrepreneurs as one of production’s main components by identifying them as forces behind economic growth. Say and Cantillon were both physiocrats who belonged to that same French school of thinking.

An entrepreneur is someone who is willing and able to transform a novel concept or idea into a successful innovation, according to economist Joseph Schumpeter, who coined the term in the 1930s. For him, being entrepreneurial led to the creation of new industries and the fusion of already existing elements. He used the creation of the horseless carriage by combining a steam engine and a wagon as an example.


A petition to establish a National Entrepreneur’s Day was begun in 2010 by entrepreneur Siamak Taghaddos. He couldn’t comprehend why America, regarded as the nation with the highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world, didn’t already possess a day set aside to honor entrepreneurs. President Obama declared the final day of 2010’s National Entrepreneur Week that National Entrepreneur’s Day was six months as well as thousands of signatures later.


  • Attend a celebration of local entrepreneurs.

Attending neighborhood markets, pop-up stores, or business events is a terrific way to stay informed about local trends. And it’s a wonderful way to network, too.

  • Make your concept a reality

Considering a potential business venture? Start investigating rival businesses or comparable industries in your area to gauge the likelihood of success!

  • Feature them on social media

Help spread the news regarding National Entrepreneur’s Day as well as the reasons why it’s a day we can all celebrate, whether you recognize an entrepreneur as well as want to recognize their achievements or you look up to an industry titan for their work.


The reasons why we adore National Entrepreneurs Day

  • It produces jobs.

When this comes to employment, more is better, and as more small firms emerge, more employment become available.

  • Recovery of the economy

Millions of employment are created by entrepreneurs, who also pay taxes on their employees, employees’ wages, and imported items. Tax revenues benefit all (theoretically).

  • It promotes original problem-solving

Entrepreneurship inspires innovative ideas to create brand-new products or services, enhance current ones, or both. In either case, the outcome benefits customers and the economy as a whole.

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