National Day of the Horse 2022: Quotes, Theme, History And Significance

It’s National Horse Day on December 13 each year. This day honors the historical, cultural, and economic contributions which horses have made. On December 13, equestrian fans from all around the nation will come together to celebrate these magnificent animals. Check out several ways to celebrate the day, whether you’re a seasoned rider or have never ridden a horse before!


Spanish explorers brought Equuscaballus, the tamed horse we are familiar with, to North America. The American Great Plains finally saw the proliferation of escaped horses. It’s interesting that there is disagreement on E. caballus’s ancestry. Recent mitochondrial research on the extinct horse Equuslamei suggests that it was similar to the domesticated horse of today.E. lame was previously widespread in North America but went extinct and over 11,000 years ago. This would imply whether E. caballus is indeed a native species, with North America serving as its place of evolutionary origin.

National Day of the Horse

American Horse Council (AHC)

The 13th of December will continue to be observed as the National Day of the Horse, according to the American Horse Council (AHC).

Congress established December 13 as National Day of the Horse in 2004; it is now observed annually. The purpose of the holiday is to remind Americans of the importance of horses to the country’s economy, history, and character. According to Julie Broadway, president of the AHC, “horses have been intrinsically interwoven to American history and culture from its inception.” They helped early settlers cultivate crops in the fields, rounded up cattle on ranches, and contributed $9.2 billion to the U.S. economy. They have considerably advanced our culture.


American Horse Council, AHC’s Director of Communications, stated, “The AHC hopes that individuals will continue to realize not just the significance of National Day of the Horse, as well as the crucial role that the AHC performs on their interests here in Washington, DC.” “As a result, we have a short movie outlining the effort the AHC conducts every day in the interest of all horses and horse owners as in the United States,” the statement said.

You may see the little educational film here. The AHC invites everyone to share photos of their horses and the happiness they bring to people’s lives on social media to use the hashtag #NationalDayoftheHorse.


National Day of the Horse

National Horse Day’s past

Congress proclaimed December 13 as National Horse Day in 2004, and ever since then, Americans have observed the day to honor and recognize the contribution of horses to not just the development of our nation but also to modern society. A total of $9.2 billion is generated by horses in the US economy. Horses have become an integral part of American society, whether they are used to plow fields, transport supplies, and food into remote locations, move cattle in ranches, or just provide tender, considerate equine therapy.

The modern wild horse species was brought to America through European colonists in the late 16th and early 17th centuries after the ancient Native American horses went extinct around 13,000 and 11,000 years ago. Since then, they have thrived in the vast plains and the rugged west, where one may still hear the booming hooves of untamed herds. Horses are still required for employment in many hard-to-reach rural places, and rodeos are still an important and treasured aspect of American Western culture. While the origins of Horse Day could be relatively recent, horses have long played a significant role in the lives of several Americans.


What National Horse Day Means

  • For thousands of years, horses have indeed been our constant companions.

It only seems natural that there is an entire day devoted to horses because humans and horses have had a long-standing relationship.

  • In American culture, horses are important figures.

The history of horses in America is deeply rooted, from cowboys to a Kentucky Derby. You have undoubtedly seen America’s love of horses at some time, whether you are a horse owner or not.

National Day of the Horse

  • Horses improve our quality of life

Equestrians adore the competitive atmosphere that results from participating in horse shows. Horses are essential for farmers to handle daily duties. And many individuals in between like taking a horseback ride once in a while. People all throughout the world like horses because they foster a feeling of community.

Day of the Horse Activities

  • Go horseback riding

Take a ride to honor National Horse Day whether you are an experienced equestrian or even a horse newbie.

  • Watch a film about horses

“National Velvet,” “Black Beauty,” and “Seabiscuit.” And that’s only the start.

  • Contribute to an equestrian nonprofit

Numerous groups are committed to assisting horses. Discover how you can assist by doing some research.

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