Happy Mario Day – March 10, 2024 Deals on Games, Toys, and More

Mario Day

Mario Day is celebrated worldwide on March 10 to recognize one of the iconic video game characters. It first appeared in 1981 in a game called Donkey Kong, which Nintendo initially developed. Mario games are currently a hot topic among gamers.

Everyone knows that gaming streamers play old and new games. Games share importance with viewers by trying out games they haven’t played. Through it, Mario pays tribute to Divas. Mario video game fans around the world find the games entertaining and challenging. They love the characters. Today, in this article, we will discuss this beloved Mario Day 2024. Sports lovers, stay tuned and keep reading the article.

Mario Day Date 2024 Observance:

Here, we give you Mario Day Dates. Let’s see.

  • 2024, March 10, Sunday
  • 2025, March 10, Monday
  • 2026, March 10, Tuesday
  • 2027, March 10, Wednesday

Mario Day 2024 Celebrations Idea:

Just look at this best Mario Day celebration idea.

  • You can invite friends and loved ones to play games.
  • Celebrate by hosting a video game tournament.
  • Invite everyone to a video game mystery night
  • I can play video game trivia.
  • Play old favourite games together.

Mario Day 5 Important Facts:

Mario Day 5 Important Facts are given below. Just take a short look.

  • It is one of the best-selling video game franchises, with over 600 million copies sold.
  • Mario has changed into a chubby plumber protagonist in the game’s background.
  • Bowser was originally a bull.
  • The neighbourhood dog became a villain.
  • The Super Mario Bros theme song has been played live at many famous concerts.

Mario Day Best 2024 Deals:

Here we give you Mario Day Best Deals. Let’s take a look.

Category Deals Price Buy At
Super Mario RPG Previous $59 Now $49 Amazon
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Previous $59 Now $19 Amazon
SanDisk 256GB microSD Previous $49 Now $29 Amazon
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Previous $39 Now $36 Best Buy
Luigi’s Mansion Previous $59 Now $39 Amazon
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Previous $59 Now $49 Amazon
Super Mario Maker 2 Previous $59 Now $44 Best Buy
Mario Odyssey Previous $59 Now $47 Amazon
Mario Wonder Previous $59 Now $51 Walmart
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Previous $69 Now $59 Walmart
Nintendo Switch games $13 Nintendo Store

Happy Mario Day Wishes 2024:

  • Mario Day Surprise is an excellent chance to return to the beautiful and playful days.
  • Cheers to everyone who had the opportunity to play Mario as a child. Because they are fortunate
  • Let us celebrate this veteran game character that will bring back the playful days.
  • Want to relive the great days of childhood? Take the opportunity to play the popular game Mario.
  • Travel like Mario and muster the courage to face all challenges with a happy face.
  • One lesson from Mario is never to give up and keep fighting for what you want.

Happy Mario Day Instagram Captions 2024:

  • Life is a game, and I like Mario
  • When life challenges you, you face it with a smile
  • Turning challenges into opportunities is an adventure
  • Life Motto: Stay Calm and Take Challenges Take Risks and Succeed
  • Life goes on, leaving some memories.
  • If Mario can rescue Peach, I can conquer the challenge.
  • Soundtrack of My Life: Super Mario Theme Song.

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