New Leica Q3 50mm 2024: Price, Release Date & Full Specs

Leica Q3 50mm

The German Leica Q3 50mm is the world’s best action camera in 2024. It is coming to quick shoot capture and voice control 2.0 feature. It has a latch and magnet to secure them in place. Leica Q3 is particular in its autofocus reliability. The camera is also IP52 waterproof. Let us know the details of the Price, Release date, Battery, Design, Camera, performance, and Full Features of Leica Q3 50mm in 2024.

Leica Q3 Design 2024:

Leica is remarkable for its stylish design, which is current in Q3. It has a cross-hatched leatherette to the body’s smooth, minimalistic lines. The Leica K3 50mm camera is designed so that Q3 is a camera you can fall head over heels for. It has a thumb grip that is still as working as ever.

The first main change is the addition of a new tilt screen on the back of the camera. We admire the simplicity of its menus and the customizability of the controls. Also, it still has a fantastic rugged IP52 rating against dust and water splashes to defend your Camera.

Leica Q3 2024 Specifications

Brand: Leica Camera
Model: Leica Q3 50mm
Release Date: 25 May 2023
USA Price $5995
Camera Resolution: Up to 60 Megapixel
Camera type: Digital 50 mm compact
Resolution: 9520 x 6336
Dimensions: 130 x 80,3 x 92,6 mm
Video Modes: Video, Free Frame Video, Time Shift, Slow Motion, Pre-Recording, and Loop Recording
Photo Modes: Photo, HDR Photo, Interval, and Star lapse
Colour Profiles: Standard, Vivid, and Flat
Battery capacity: 2,200mAh
Water Resistant: Yes, IP52
Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, and Wi-Fi

2024 Leica Q3 Camera Quality:

The full-frame 60MP sensor inwardly the Q3 matches the Leica M11 range finder pixel calculation and BSI CMOS architecture. Here, it has a fresher photo processor, the Maestro IV, which supports an extended ISO range of 50-100000 and ups the buffer memory to 8GB to keep the Q3’s snappy continuous drive best.

The excessive pixels also compromise the Q3’s in-camera digital crop. Photographers who propose smaller files have options as well. The Q3 supports a triple resolution feature, so you can set it to record at 36MP or 18MP if you prefer. And not lose in any picture quality.

Leica Q3 Performance 2024:

The Leica Q3 50mm lens experiences like a high-grade Leica ocular, with completely cut mineral rings and a barrel. The manual focus ring is perfect. The Leica can turn with a silky smoothness despite its capture-by-wire working. It is easy to attach 49mm filters. You remove the metal hood and attach your filters. The best camera can street deliver waist-level shooting and low-to-the-ground shots, and the new LCD take simplifies this perfectly.

We also have a natural rise in resolution. The Leica Q3 50mm camera also refreshes up to 120 frames per second. The Q3 gives you a clear and lag-free experience when setting up. Neglected the displays on the Q3 to help you compose and assess your pictures have been upgraded in the best way.

Leica Q3 50mm

Leica Q3 Battery Life:

The battery is a source of electric power that can be compared to the life of a Device. The Leica Q3 50mm battery has a larger capacity of 2,200mAh. It is a long-lasting battery. Also, if you already have some BP-SCL4 batteries, you can still use them to power the Q3. The battery duration depends on your use. It has a waterproof and USB Type-C port.

Leica Q3 50mm Release Date:

The latest Leica Q3 50 mm will be announced on 25 May 2023. So, do not be late today to collect the smart device camera.

Leica Q3 50mm 2024 Price:

Country Name Price
Leica Q3 50mm Price in USA 2024 $5995
Leica Q3 50mm Price in UK 2024 £4,750
Leica Q3 50mm Price in Italy 2024 €5,950


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