New 2024 GoPro Hero 12 – (Updated): Price & Full Specs (Black/Big Camera)

GoPro Hero 12

The imminent release of the highly anticipated New 2024 GoPro Hero 12 – (Updated): Price & Full Specs (Black/Big Camera) will usher in an exciting new chapter in action camera technology. Industry insiders have sparked interest with clues of ground-breaking innovations that promise to alter how we record and immortalize our activities, which are scheduled to make their debut on September 15, 2023.

The GoPro Hero 12 is ready to redefine the action camera industry by allowing users to achieve previously unattainable heights in their quest for breathtaking photography, building on the enormous success of its predecessors. This new gadget is ready to empower enthusiasts and explorers alike with a combination of cutting-edge innovations and straightforward design.

In this thorough study, we’ll dig into the rumours around the New 2024 GoPro Hero 12 – (Updated): Price and Full Specs (Black/Big Camera), looking at possible upgrades and breakthroughs that can elevate adventure photography to whole new heights.

GoPro Hero 12 2024 Features

According to rumours, the GoPro Hero 12 will include a number of intriguing innovations that will improve your ability to record and video.

GoPro Hero 7 September 2018
GoPro Hero 8 / GoPro Max 360 October 2019
GoPro Hero 9 September 2020
GoPro Hero 10 September 2021
GoPro Hero 11 September 14, 2022
GoPro Hero 12 2023 September 15, 2023

New 2024 GoPro Hero 12 Action Camera

The camera will feature a new 4K Ultra HD resolution, improved stabilization, and a more advanced and powerful processor. It will also include a variety of new features and accessories, such as a new wireless charging system, improved waterproofing, and a more advanced image sensor.

GoPro Hero 12

Upcoming GoPro Hero 12 2024 Specification Expectation

  • 5K video recording at 30 frames per second
  • 4K video recording at 120 frames per second
  • Improved photo resolution of up to 20 megapixels
  • Voice control for easy operation
  • Improved image stabilization
  • Increased battery life
  • Waterproofing up to 10 meters
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connection
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatibility with external microphones and other accessories.
  1. GoPro 12 2024 Superb Video Quality

It’s said that the Hero 12 will offer 5K video recording at 30 frames per second, giving your film remarkable clarity and depth. Furthermore, it could support 4K video recording at an astounding 120 frames per second, enabling fluid slow-motion views.

  1. High-Resolution Stills

The Hero 12 may give up to 20 megapixels of camera resolution, which will allow you to take outstanding still pictures that perfectly capture the beauty of your excursions. Without any human input, tell your Hero 12 to start recording or snap a photo.

GoPro Hero 12

  1. Advanced Image Stabilization

GoPro is known for its exceptional stabilization technology, and the Hero 12 is expected to raise the bar even further. With improved image stabilization, your footage will be smoother, even during intense action sequences.

  1. GoPro 12 Battery Life

Adventure often demands long-lasting power, and Hero 12 delivers just that. Increased battery life will allow you to capture more of your experiences without worrying about running out of juice.

  1. 8K Video and 32MP Sensor

The Hero 12 might feature an impressive 8K video recording capability and an upgraded 32-megapixel sensor, enabling you to capture incredibly detailed footage and still images.

  1. Built-in Mounting

The Hero 12 may come equipped with folding fingers, allowing for built-in mounting options without the need for additional accessories.

GoPro Hero 12 2024 Price

Although the GoPro Hero 12 actual pricing has not been made public, industry estimates put it at around $999. It’s crucial to remember that prices might change based on location and availability.

Country Price
GoPro Hero 12 Price In USA 2024 $999
GoPro Hero 12 Price In Canada 2024 CDN$1346.
GoPro Hero 12 Price In Germany 2024 Euro 999.
GoPro Hero 12 Price In the UK 2024 £450 / $475

GoPro Hero 11 vs GoPro Hero 12 2024: Evolution of Adventure Cameras

Adventurers, sports fans, and content makers may all use the highly anticipated GoPro Hero 11 and GoPro Hero 12 action cameras. To see how the Hero 12 compares to its predecessor, let’s compare the characteristics of the two cameras.

2024 Hero 12 Sensor & Image Quality

A bigger 1/1.9″ sensor, which debuted with the Hero 11, improved picture quality and enabled detailed still photographs at 27 megapixels. The GoPro 12 may provide magnificent graphics and an excellent dynamic range because of its higher megapixel count and superior picture processing skills. The Enduro Battery, which the Hero 11 debuted, offers a longer battery life than earlier versions.

What are the Benefits of 360 GoPro Camera?

  • 7K is much more standard
  • It has no 100fps slo-mo
  • Quite large body size
  • No persistent connection issues
  • There is no live-streaming


The GoPro Hero 12 2024 has the potential to revolutionize the action camera market. If the reports are accurate, users can anticipate incredible picture and video quality that catches every aspect of their antics, assuring magnificent graphics that completely immerse spectators in the action. The expectation and enthusiasm among fans continue to increase as we wait impatiently for the official announcement and confirmation of the characteristics of the GoPro Hero 12 2024.

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