Happy Kansas Day 2023: Wishes, Quotes, Celebration & Activities

Kansas Day 2023: Wishes, Quotes, Celebration & Activities – Every January 29th, Kansas Day is observed as a way to remember Kansas State’s 1861 admittance to the Union as the nation’s 34th member. The state of Kansas is endowed with outstanding resources that set her apart. In 1877, on January 29, the original Kansas Day was observed. Today, people still commemorate it by informing children about the state’s history and bringing schools to Topeka’s capitol building to take in the state’s splendor. Kansas Day is only observed in Kansas State, in the United States.

What is ‘2023’ Kansas Day?

Celebrate Kansas Day; the celebration of the day Kansas became the 34th state to join the Union. Kansas Day provides many fantastic learning opportunities for kids of all ages, whether you’re from Kansas or one of the other 49 states. The culture of this wonderful state can be shared with visitors who might not have otherwise come by hosting Kansas Day! And of course, Kansas residents can observe Kansas Day to recognize the history of their state.

Happy Kansas Day

Holiday Date Day year
Happy Kansas Day Jan 29 Sun Day 2023
Happy Kansas Day Jan 29 Mon Day 2024
Happy Kansas Day Jan 29 Wed Day 2025
Happy Kansas Day Jan 29 Thu Day 2026
Happy Kansas Day Jan 29 Fri Day 2027

In the US, is Kansas Day a Federal Holiday?

In the US, Kansas Day isn’t a recognized federal holiday. Businesses, non-essential federal govt. offices, as well as banks, post offices, and schools, are open as usual on this day.

What time is Kansas Day?

Since 1877, January 29 has been the day for Kansas Day celebrations. Schoolchildren in the Kansas community of Paola founded the festival in its early years. Be sure to attempt something unique to commemorate Kansas’s 162nd anniversary of becoming a state in 2023.

History or Background Information of Kansas Day

On July 4, 1776, representatives from 13 colonies gathered together and approved the U. S. Declaration of Independence, establishing the country as a sovereign republic with 50 states. 37 additional states were admitted at various points in history just after 13 colonies were included in the union. On January 29, 1861, the United States admitted 37 new states, including Kansas State.

Kansas Day is a day set aside each year on January 29 to remember when Kansas became the 34th state to join the union. The first Kansas Day celebration took place in Paola, Kansas, in 1877, when 15 to 20 students attended school there. On January 8, 1877, these pupils were learning about American history. These young people developed a strong sense of patriotism for their state as a result of their interest is piqued when they started learning about just the New Orleans Battle.

With their newfound preoccupation, these pupils’ desire to find out more about the state quickly caught the attention of other students. The class was given the entire day on January 29, 1877, to learn all about Kansas State, even from its own history to its landmarks, geographical quirks, and natural riches.

Alexander LeGrande Copley, the instructor of the pupils at the time, eventually brought the commemoration of this unique day along to Wichita, Kansas, where he was appointed the school superintendent of schools.

Happy Kansas Day

The Kansas Statehouse as well as the Capitol in Topeka is frequently visited, the Kansas State Song is performed, and indeed the governor of Kansas issues proclamations as part of the yearly celebrations of Kansas Day. These field trips and school projects to study Kansas history are still a common part of Kansas Day celebrations today.

How is Kansas Day observed by the populace?

Are you looking for ideas on what to perform on Kansas Day? Consider the following points:

  • Arranging a school trip to an interesting location in your neighborhood;
  • Learning more about Kansas’s past by going to a museum;
  • Using local ingredients to prepare supper at home;
  • Learning “Home on the Range,” the state song.

In varsity games between Kansas State as well as the University of Kansas, it is usual for such Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas State Wildcats to square off. The Sunflower Showdown is referred to as this.

Activities for Kansas Day 2023

  • Visit the museums and historical sites

A journey of the historical sites mostly in the state of Kansas is a fantastic way to commemorate Kansas Day. One of the greatest spots to go in Topeka is the Capitol to see the festivities.

  • Read the past

Another thrilling way to commemorate the day is to read about the founding fathers, important Kansans, and significant historical events as well as the background of Kansas State and exactly how it came to be. To find out more about this legendary state, check out a library or just explore the internet.

  • Impart knowledge of Kansas Day’s past

In order for younger people and kids to understand their ancestry, Kansas history needs to be taught to them in Kansas and throughout the United States. We invite you to commemorate this day by imparting knowledge about Kansas Day’s past to another person.

Happy Kansas Day

What makes us love Kansas Day 2023?

  • Kansas’s culture and history

The commemoration of Kansas Day enables us to recognize the state’s history as a result of the conflict and conquest. Kansas Day should be significant to you if you’re interested in learning more about the US state that produces the most wheat.

  • Wildlife

Visitors have several opportunities to witness various kinds of animals in their native habitats when touring the state of Kansas. We are happy that so many people are making the decision to travel to a new place because a trip to Kansas offers to be an outstanding experience.

  • Sunflowers 

Kansas is also known as the Sunflower State because every late summer, fields of sunflowers bloom. This field of sunflowers is the ideal backdrop for any photograph.


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