Happy Volunteer Day 2022: Top Quotes, Wishes & Images

International Volunteer Day Quotes 2023: The annual International Volunteer Day is observed on December 5. The purpose of the festival is to highlight and promote the value of volunteers in creating a better world. International Volunteer Day’s (IVD) 2023 objective is to advance peace through service.

Giving freely of one’s time and effort to charitable causes is known as volunteering. In order to work in their particular fields, which generally include medicine, education, or emergency rescue, volunteers typically need to have specific training. Others provide assistance when it is needed, such as during a natural disaster.

International Volunteer Day

Volunteering is the intersection of solidarity and compassion. They support one another and uphold the same fundamental principles while conducting themselves with humility, respect, and equality. Growing inequality around the world necessitates cooperation to identify shared issues, according to United Nations Volunteers. Volunteers seek solutions to critical development issues and for the greater good after uniting in solidarity.

The theme of International Volunteer Day 2023:

“Together, act now” is International Volunteer Day’s motto, and it stands for unifying volunteers. Volunteers will get recognition and appreciation for their efforts. As the world suffers from humanitarian and development problems, amid conflicts and climate change, we need volunteers to work together for the common good.

Significance of International Volunteer Day 2023:

On International Volunteers Day, individuals, organizations, and communities may draw attention to the contributions they have made on a local, regional, and global scale. The best way to mark this day is to donate to or volunteer at organizations, governmental organizations, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and academic institutions. Every year, many millions of people give their time and abilities to improve the lives of others.

History of International Volunteer Day Quotes

The General Assembly declared December 5 to be International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development in line with resolution 40/212. Their choice to collaborate with volunteers from all around the world on December 17, 1985, to commemorate the day, had an impact on all tiers of government, civil society organizations, and communities.

The Assembly was urged to act to spread the word about the vital function that volunteering plays in society. The UN General Assembly declared 2001 to be the International Year of Volunteers. The year was notable for recognizing volunteers, supporting their work, creating a communication network, and emphasizing the benefits of volunteer work.

The UN Assembly pleaded with UNV to ensure that International Volunteer Day in November 2002 would be successful. Various countries have paid attention to the role of volunteers in the Sustainable Development Goals to combat poverty, hunger, disease, ill health, environmental degradation, and gender inequality over the years.

Why do we celebrate it?

The remarkable volunteers who devote their time and energy to saving lives and advancing human dignity make the IFRC immensely proud. Despite the enormity of today’s issues—whether they are COVID-19, the climate crisis, or the dangers faced by communities at risk of disaster—there remains optimism.

The numerous acts of kindness that are carried out from one person to another symbolize hope. because there is always a volunteer from the Red Cross or Red Crescent ready to aid those in need whenever there is a catastrophe. Their commitment is unshakable, and their compassion knows no boundaries.

On May 8, 2022, on International Volunteer Day, we shall continue the celebration of the virtue of compassion that was started. Watch out for content recognizing all 192 of our National Societies on our social media channels in December!

How to Celebrate International Volunteer Day 2023?

Donations enable volunteer organizations to operate. Consider making a gift on International Volunteer Day to help frontline workers and underserved groups get vital services. International Volunteer Day Quotes

International Volunteer Day Quotes
International Volunteer Day Quotes

Participate in charitable endeavors

Participate actively in volunteer work in your community. Please feel free to share photos or videos of your volunteer activity online with the hashtag #VolunteerNow in order to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved as well.

You may read the World Volunteerism Report.

Every three years, the UN releases the State of the World’s Volunteerism Report (S.W.V.R.). It keeps tabs on international volunteerism and the advantages that come from efforts. International Volunteer Day Quotes

Upcoming International Volunteer Day 2023

Year Weekday Date Name
2022 Mon 5 Dec International Volunteer Day
2023 Tue 5 Dec International Volunteer Day
2024 Thu 5 Dec International Volunteer Day
2025 Fri 5 Dec International Volunteer Day
2026 Sat 5 Dec International Volunteer Day

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