International Day of Families 2023 Theme, Wishes, Quotes & Messages

International Family Day strengthens the spiritual bond of family members.  15 May every year it’s celebrated in the whole world. This day was passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993. It mainly emphasizes strengthening family ties. And helps to identify the problems that exist in the family.

International Day of Families 2023 Date and Theme:

The United Nations has announced the theme of the 2023 Family Day as “Families & Demographic Trends”. The day is observed worldwide on May 15 every year.

International Day of Families

Every year, population growth, infant mortality, health, and education deteriorate around the world. In order to solve all these problems, the United Nations is trying to increase public awareness through Family Day. If the bonds between families are strong and awareness increases, the population growth rate will decrease, as well as infant mortality will also decrease, health, and education will improve, and the world will move towards a brighter future.

International Day of Families History:

The whole world is now in a challenging situation, the stability of the family is at risk, in the 1980s, the United Nations strongly thought about this and decided to work to increase the awareness of the family in order to get rid of this situation. They came to the conclusion that the family is the only one that can solve the population growth rate and various problems. They started celebrating this day on 15th May in 1994 to understand the importance of Family Day. This day is a great day to honor family culture and values. It is celebrated every year all over the world.

International Day of Families 2023 Symbols & Sign:

A green circle and red motif are used as the symbol of this day. The nature of a house and a heart signifies the greatness of sincerity. People of any age can live happily in a family.

International Day of Families 2023 Significance:

Raising awareness about the trend of population growth over families is the main theme of this day. Its benefits are discussed below:

  • Family’s contribution to society is unparalleled; family first teaches manners and awareness.
  • The family takes care of the child by looking after its health and education.
  • Family strengthens emotional bonds and teaches socialization.

International Day of Families 2023 Celebration:

We discuss here how to celebrate Families international day. See below.

  • Writing in newspapers about population trends, and awareness in families.
  • Organizing awareness programs on not neglecting anyone due to old age.
  • To discuss international unity and solidarity.
  • Formulating the theme with the opinions of all the people.

International Day of Families 2023 Wishes:

  • All people’s blood color is the same, everyone is bound by the bond of brotherhood, this is the wish on Happy Family Day
  • Family is always by our side no matter what, my family is my pride, Happy family day
  • Peaceful families make a peaceful world, Happy Family Day
  • Family is God’s best gift, which gives us safe shelter,
  • The whole world is a family, let’s strengthen each other’s friendly bonds, Happy Family Day

International Day of Families Observances:

Date Day Year
15 May Monday 2023
15 May Wednesday 2024
15 May Thursday 2025
15 May Friday 2026
15 May Saturday 2027
15 May Monday 2028

Conclusion: We try to our best to give you all information about International Families Day. If you have any questions or comments then contact us. We will answer so quickly.

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