How to keep Night Shift on all the time Mac?

How to keep Night Shift on all the time Mac?

To shift the colors on your display to the hotter side of the color spectrum, use Night Shift. When using your Mac at nighttime or in low light, the warm screen color is softer on your eyes. Also, it may be more difficult to fall asleep at night if you are exposed to intense blue light.


Set a timer for Night Shift to start automatically

  • Select the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, and then select Night Shift on your Mac.
  • Select a choice after clicking the Schedule pop-up menu.
  • Off: Select this option if you don’t want Night to start up on its own.
  • Custom: Use this option to provide the start and stop times for Night Shift.
  • Choose to use the Night Shift between sunset and sunrise.

How to keep Night Shift on all the time Mac

Your Mac will use your location to calculate when it is an evening for you if you choose this option. You must enable Location Services in order to use this feature. Select Apple menu > System Preferences, security & privacy, then privacy from the drop-down menu. Scroll to System Services, click Detail, choose Time Zone & System Customizing, then click Done. Select Location Service, select the lock to authorize changes, then click Allow Location Services.

Manually turn on and off Night Shift

  • Even if you plan Night Shift, you can still turn it on or off whenever you want, for instance, if you’re in a dimly lit area.
  • Select the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, and then select Night Shift on your Mac.
  • Choose Manual to activate Night Shift.
  • Until your turn, it is off or until the following day, Night Shift is active. Deselect the Manual to turn it off.

Advice: You can also activate and deactivate Night Shift via Control Center. Click Display, then select the Night Shift button under Control Center in the menu bar. Siri will also switch it on or off for you if you ask her to.

The color temperature setting

  • Select the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, and then select Night Shift on your Mac.
  • You can adjust Night Shift’s color temperature by dragging the slider.

Users have been eager to use built-in Night Shift on macOS ever since Apple initially made it available


The goal of Night Shift is to alter the color temperature of your display by lowering the blue component of the color to enhance the ability of your eyes to view the monitor at night.

  • One going to leave the color temperature on all the time because the user really likes it.
  • Not just at night, but also throughout the day!
  • The issue is that you can’t.
  • Users have always used f.lux before Night Shift was added to macOS.
  • The display color temperature is changed, which is its identical goal.
  • It is highly adaptable, so I can leave it on all the time.

However, since macOS already comes with f.lux built in, I no longer wish to install it. So, in this tutorial, Let’s demonstrate a little hack to get macOS to run the Night Shift practically always. Since it isn’t actually permanent, I say “nearly.” But the experience won’t be impacted at all!


We need to create a custom schedule in order to enable the Night Shift nearly all of the time. The steps to changing the schedule for the night shift are as follows:

  • Open your macOS’s System Preferences.
  • Menu, choose Displays.
  • Go to the Night Shift tab.
  • Custom is the new Schedule choice.
  • Put 02:00 for the from value and 01:59 for them to value.

All done. Night Shift will now be available between 2:00 AM and 1:00 AM. That equates to 23 hours, 59 minutes each day. Due to the daily 1-minute gap, some have claimed that it is “nearly” permanent. However, such a pause is irrelevant because it occurs between 2:00 AM and 01:59 AM. Most likely by then, you’ve fallen asleep. If you have a different sleep routine, simply alter the from and to values to suit your needs.


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