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Maundy Thursday is celebrated to commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostle, this is the day before his crucifixion day. Around Thurs day, 6 April 2023 in the USA – this day at celebrated. A great day like Maundy Thursday can be more special to your loved ones by wishing you to them with some great words. Now we are sharing with you Maundy Thursday 2023 wishes, quotes, messages, status & history for you and your family.

Holy Thursday 2023 Wishes

Wishes Messages are the most important thing in our communication. Here Some wish messages are given below.

Holy Thursday  “… Sanctified Maundy Thursday, Everyone. Hoping for everyone’s safety and welfare. Hope you all enjoy Good Friday and Easter Saturday peacefully…2023”

  • “…Let us Cherish and commemorate the day when Lord Jesus took his last supper along with the Apostles. Let us truly pray for his soul…2023”
  • “… Happy Maundy Thursday to all of you. Recalling this day which initiates the Good Friday and Easter Saturday …2023”
  • “…Today is Holy Thursday, we commemorate the Last Supper within hours Judas betrays Jesus. God bless you…2023”
  • “…It is the day to recollect the Last Supper of Jesus and when he washed the feet of his followers in preparation for the Good Friday …2023”
  • “… Let us mourn and realize the greatness of the day which depicts the dedication of Lord Jesus, the devotion of his Holy body and blood for the sake of us. Happy Maundy Thursday…2023”
  • “… May Jesus fortify you and your dear ones this day. Wish you all a divine Maundy Thursday …2023”

Dates Of Maundy Thursday:

Holiday Date Day year
Maundy Thursday 6 April Thurs day 2023
Maundy Thursday 28 March Thursday 2024
Maundy Thursday 17 April Thursday 2025
Maundy Thursday 02 April Thursday 2026

Holy Thursday 2023 Messages

  • “…Feel blessed for the offerings and self-sacrifices Lord Jesus Christ, Our preacher has made for the welfare of us. May his soul rest in peace and protect us and our family lifelong Happy Holy Thursday 2023”
  • “…With the Last Supper, he made us teach the last lesson which is taking care of everybody without any discrimination of caste, creed, color, and position only Thursday 2023”
  • “…May Lord Jesus Christ’s benediction shower upon you and your close ones and enrich their lives with happiness, harmony, and prosperity. Happy Holy Thursday 2023”
  • “… Belief in him, he will lead you to eternity and greatness. Commemorate this Thursday ad rejoice and make merry on Good Friday and Easter Saturday…2023”
  • “…God sacrificed his one and only ward for the sake of this world. Having faith in him will let us have immortality…2023”
  • “…Let us remember and celebrate the beautiful selfless act of Lord Jesus Chris for his disciples in the Last Supper. …2023”

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday 2023 Quotes

  • “…Don’t let any problem pacify your inner mind and ruin your tranquility. Believe to the fullest upon the almighty, he will save us all…2023”
  • “…Let us destroy all forms of vanity, narcissism, and vainglory residing inside our souls. Let us refine our hearts and minds with modesty and fairness, let us spread the message of love all over the globe….2023”
  • “…His venerated words, taking actions accordingly will turn us into the best person and will also help us get emancipation. Happy Holy Thursday to you all…2023”
  • “…His greatness has reverted much evil to the path of righteousness, morality, and virtue. Let us just stick to his noble and eminent idioms and try to transform ourselves into better human beings…2023”

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