International Men’s Day 2022: Top Wishes, Theme, Date & Significance

On November 19, the globe celebrates International Men’s Day to recognize the excellent contributions that men make to society, their families, and their communities. We emphasize good role models and spread knowledge about men’s well-being. Supporting Men and Boys is our guiding principle for 2022. On November 19, the world celebrates International Men’s Day, which emphasizes men’s health, gender equality, and male role models, including encouraging masculinity in its best forms.


It’s also a chance to celebrate guys who don’t fit the mold of traditional masculinity, including homosexual and bisexual men, transgender people, or men who identify as non-binary. On 19th of November will once again be the day of International Men’s Day. The goal of International Men’s Day is in part to increase awareness of male suicide. Numerous charities have been launching awareness campaigns around the occasion for a number of years.

International Men's Day

What problems does the International Day of the Man try to solve?

The goal of International Men’s Day is to address a wide range of issues relating to the mental health of men. Men, women, and organizations from more than 60 different nations throughout the world endorse this. The purpose of International Men’s Day in the UK is to assist increase awareness of the following:

  • The significant global male suicide rate
  • The difficulties that men and boys encounter in schooling at all phases of their lives.
  • The state of men’s health, their limited life expectancy, and the fact of males die at work significantly more frequently than women do.
  • Male violence, as well as the fact that men can become victims of rape, sexual exploitation, and domestic abuse.
  • The difficulties that males encounter as parents, particularly when they are solely responsible for raising their children or do not get along with the mother of those children. Fathers’ rights, male survivors from violence or abuse, particularly domestic abuse.
  • The inaccurate image of males in the media is another topic that is being addressed. This includes the usage of masculine stereotypes in advertisements by well-known firms.

International Men’s Day History

An editorial by American writer John P. Harris in 1968 criticized the Soviet system for being unbalanced since it promoted an International Women’s Day for female employees but did not provide a male equivalent. Even though Harris thought that there must be a day to honor women, the communist system was flawed because of the day.


Early in the 1990s, Thomas Oaster, the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies’ director, encouraged organizations in the United States, Australia, and Malta to have modest International Men’s Day celebrations in February. These events were successfully presented by Oaster for two years, however, his 1995 effort had a low turnout. Disappointed, he abandoned his preparations to carry out the event. Australia then followed suit, leaving just Malta to carry on the celebrations.

The day was brought back in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999 by Jerome Teelucksingh of the University of West Indies. Despite the existence of a day to honor dads, he came to the realization that there wasn’t any day to honor men who were single, or who were teenage boys and teens. Teelucksingh recognized the value of strong male role models since his father had set a great example for him. On November 19, which also happened to be his father’s birthday, his country came together to support a local soccer team’s efforts to prepare for the world cup.


Since the resurgence of Teelucksingh, International Men’s Day has worked to promote the positive parts of male identity on the theory that men respond more positively to good role models than it is too negative gender stereotypes. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the value of men’s mental and physical well-being as well as strong masculinity, not to compete alongside International Women’s Day.

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