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The 25th of September is designated as National Daughters Day. On this day, parents commemorate their daughters and let them know how much they value them. In families, daughters play a crucial role and form unique, incredibly special ties with each of their parents. This is a day for parents to consider the importance of raising daughters equally and fairly so that they can be strong and successful in life.


National Daughters Day is distinct from International Daughters Day, which is observed on the fourth Sunday in September and is recognized all around the world. Both take place at the end of September, and occasionally both celebrations take place on the same day. In 2022, this is going to be the situation.

Happy Daughters Day

Is there a National Daughter’s Day?

National Daughter’s Day is actually a thing. It was probably produced by an Indian greeting card business. Although it’s uncertain when the holiday first began, it has likely been around for far longer than ten years.


Whatever its precise beginnings, the purpose of National Daughter’s Day has always been to honor, encourage, and inspire young girls so they can succeed in the world. This includes eradicating the stigma associated with being born a girl and demonstrating to daughters their equal value to sons. In many parts of the world, young girls still face a wide range of obstacles to getting an education.







2022 September 25 Sunday
2023 September 25 Monday
2024 September 25 Wednesday
2025 September 25 Thursday
2026 September 25 Friday

Happy Daughters Day Quotes 2022

  • “If you have done all the good deeds then you are blessed with a daughter because she has the power to make your life a wonderful one…. Happy National Daughter’s Day Quotes to our princess.”
  • “Daughters are the angels sent by God into our lives…. Warm wishes on Daughter’s Day to my dearest daughter who completes this life.”
  • “On the occasion of Daughter’s Day, I wish that each and every wish of your life come true, I wish that you are blessed with eternal happiness and joy!!!”
  • “To my dearest daughter, on the special day of Daughter’s Day, I pray to God to always enlighten you with greater knowledge and bless you with joy.”
  • “We hope for a better and brighter future for you…. We hope that you are surrounded with happiness and prosperity…. Happy Daughter’s Day.”
  • “Wishing a very Happy Daughter’s Day to my darling daughter who is the princess of my heart and the hope of my life.”

Time of the National Daughter’s Day

Saturday, September 25, is National Daughters Day. There are numerous celebrations that coincide on the same time, with World Daughters Day on September 28 and National Daughters Day in various other nations on October 1.

National Daughters Day (2)


History of National Daughter’s Day

It’s possible that India is where this day’s original significance first took root. According to the Hindustan Times, “unlike other nations in the globe, there has always been a certain stigma connected to being a girl kid in India. While this may not be the case in the major cities anymore, it is still extremely common in India. A lady faces punishment if she gives birth to a girl. Other cultures rejoice in having daughters, while underdeveloped countries frequently view them as a burden.


This day may also be viewed in light of the #metoo movement, particularly in the United States, where women have historically experienced significant challenges. Society has always seen women as less valuable than males.”In the Anglo-American culture of the eighteenth century, the law did not recognize spouses’ independence in economic, political, or civic concerns.”During the period, male privilege was prevalent. The vote for women was finally granted in 1920. Wives traditionally stayed at home while their men worked up until the 1960s. The United States is still brushing off the effects of gender discrimination in many areas.

Happy National Daughters Day Messages 2022

  • “Dear daughter, my love for you knows no bounds and definitely will last for this lifetime and beyond…”
  • “You are the best thing that has ever happened to us, and you are so damn precious; I love you, sweetie…”
  • “Thanks for being the daughter everyone wishes for. Our angel, have a great day ahead. Love you…”
  • “Years may pass, you may age- but you will always remain my baby girl. Mummy loves you, honey…”
  • “Keep that smile on your face; it eases up my world. My princess, really happy to have you in my life…”
  • “Thank you for being the best daughter ever. May your life be filled with good things only, love.
  • “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always be my little princess. Daddy loves you, gorgeous…”
  • “Our little girl is growing into an excellent lady, and nothing makes us happier. Happy daughter’s day, love…”

Significance of the National Daughters Day

On National Daughter Day, we are reminded to always love our daughters unconditionally since they are the guardians of our family’s trust. Our daughters are beautiful, intelligent, creative, and occasionally even demanding. A daughter keeps up a degree of connection and dedication that keeps families together and in good health, especially for older parents.

Daughters Day Pic

This day is all about honoring our princesses and giving them whatever they desire, if only for the day. As a child growing up constantly needs parental support and their teachings for becoming a decent person when they grow up, this day also urges parents to spend more quality time with their daughters to even deepen the bond with them.

Happy National Daughters Day Wishes from Dad

  • “You adorable human piece, proud to call me your daddy. Thanks for being so kind and honest…”
  • “My dearest daughter, Happy National Daughters Day to you! No matter how much you grow up, you will always remain my little doll…”
  • “Happy National Daughters Day, my lovely daughter. You are the reason every day of my life seems a little brighter and a little happier! Dad loves you…”
  • “It amazes me to see how strong you are at such a young age. I am beyond proud of you, my sweetheart! Happy National Daughters Day 2022…”
  • “Babie, my love for you increases every day and will continue to do so. Love you very much…”

Along with this, the day also aims to increase awareness of the problems that daughters face in today’s world. Since daughters are frequently reluctant to discuss all of the problems they are facing, this day asks parents and other adults to find out about them and to constantly encourage them whenever they feel discouraged or demotivated. It also sends a message to those people who continue to treat their daughters unfairly and urges society to pay attention to them so they can change their ways.

Celebration of National Daughter’s Day

Treating your daughter nicely is the key custom for National Daughters Day. Do something she really likes to do. Make your daughter(s) feel special by doing something they will like, whether it’s going out to eat, watching a movie, or playing a game at home.

You are really lucky that this year’s National Daughters Day falls on a Sunday so you won’t have to miss work in order to spend some special time with your daughter. Use this chance to spend some quality time with your girls playing games and engaging in other activities. You don’t need to leave the house because there is so much you can do there.

National Daughters Day (1)

Happy Daughters Day Wishes from Mom

  • “Wishing you a very Happy Daughters Day, my daughter. You are undoubtedly the greatest gift of my life! I love you so much…”
  • “My daughter, you take such good care of me and understand all my needs. May you always stay blessed! Happy Daughters Day 2022…”
  • “My lovely daughter, you are my pride! I promise you will find me by your side in every step of your life. Happy Daughters Day 2022…”
  • “Happy Daughters Day, dear. My heart swells with pride to see you growing up as a wonderful, self-righteous, and empowered woman…”
  • “Having a daughter such awesome as you is a privilege. Happy daughter’s day, birdie. Love you.
  • “Happy Daughters Day! Being the mother of a perfect daughter like you is a dream come true for me! May you grow up beautifully, my child…”

On National Daughters Day, it’s a great idea to reread classics like “Little Women” and “The Diary of Anne Frank,” a book that allows us to read about a daughter who endured unimaginable hardships. So be sure you read some motivational stories.

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