New (2024) Apple Watch X: Review, Full Specs & Release Date

Apple is planning a big refresh design of the Apple Watch X as early as 2024 it will have advanced features. This new watch will have upgraded features that will surpass previous models. We know that Apple is the biggest technology company much discussed and appreciated in the world. Apple is going to bring the latest model to the market after Series 9, a smartwatch with more functionality.

Watch X isn’t a full rectangle watch face with a continuous round side. It has only a rotating crown with a button on the side and a number of sensors on the back. Let’s go about knowing the details Price, Release date, Battery, performance, and Full Features of the Apple Watch X 2024.

Apple Watch X

Apple Watch X 2024 Features

Brand: Apple
Model Name: Apple Watch X
Status: Coming Soon. Not Specified yet
Release date: In 2024
Active Band: Magnetic Bands Attachments
Operating System: OS 10
Display: 2.04-inch display
Features: Health and fitness, Always-on display, Apple Assistant, Messages and notifications, and YouTube Music
Audio: Microphone and Speaker
Brightness boost: A thinner case and blood pressure monitor
Battery: Extended to 7 Days
Magnetic Charging Cable: 80% charge in 45 minutes
CPU: 8 core
USB Port: Type C
Bluetooth: 5.0
Wi-Fi: 802.1
Water Resistance: Yes
Colors: Matte Black, Polished Silver, Polished Silver Champagne Gold etc

Apple Watch X Performance:

Based on leaks news it is a magnetic-based system that would allow for a thinner body by lengthening the available internal space. Leak is also known that the Apple Watch X will boast a thinner microLED display and an integrated blood pressure sensor, improving the health and fitness-related functionalities. The watch X will have more storage with an 8core CPU.

A new system to replace bands on the Apple Watch could lead to a longer battery life for the timepiece and more capabilities. Sources supposedly engaged in the development of the Apple Watch said that the existing slot system takes up a lot of space at either end of the body. A new system to replace bands on the Apple Watch could lead to a longer battery life for the timepiece and more capabilities.

Apple Watch X 2024 Release Date:

Every year the company brings new models into the market. Apple may have something big planned for the “Apple Watch X,” a milestone launch. Mark Gurman said Apple is scheduling the Apple Watch X for launch sometime in 2024. It will be a celebration in line with the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch itself.

Apple Watch X 2024 Price:

Although there is no official information about the price of the watch, It is expected that the Watch X model to be price start at $400.

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