America Recycles Day 2023 – (Nov 15): Wishes, Quotes & Images

America Recycles Day 2023 – (Nov 15): Wishes, Quotes & Images! Each year on November 15, America Recycles Day should be observed. National Recycling Day is another name for it. The focus of the day is recycling, including waste reduction techniques and buying recycled goods.

On November 15, America Recycles Day, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honors the value and influence of recycling, which has facilitated American wealth and environmental protection. From 7% in 1960 to 32% today, the recycling frequency has risen. According to an EPA analysis, recycling and reuse operations in the US contributed to 681,000 jobs as well as $37.8 billion in salaries.

America Recycles Day

This achievement and expansion have been made possible by communities’ and businesses’ recycling activities across the nation. The EPA urges all Americans to participate in recycling responsibly all year long in a way to construct our progress.

This entails asking your neighborhood recycler whatever they will receive in your compost bin. Local curbside programs frequently accept materials like cardboard, paper, and metal cans; however, materials like plastic bags, electronics, and batteries should not be placed in the curbside recycling bin. To find out where and how to recycle this and additional goods, visit our How Then Do We Recycle?


Not always, American Recycles Day was once a recognized holiday. Texas Recycles Day was first observed there by two staff members of the Texas Board on Environmental Quality. This day was intended to increase recycling inside the state as well as to create awareness of the benefits of doing so.

While they were working for the Texas Commission, these employees Kevin Teurff& Valerie Davis continued to observe Texas Recycles Day. recommended changing Texas Recycles Day to American Recycles Day after they quit their positions. American Recycles Day was established when the National Recycling Alliance approved the concept.

America Recycles Day 2023:

Over 40 states took part in the initial America Recycles Day, which was proclaimed in Florida. The National Recycling Committee has attempted to make the activities more widely known across the nation over time. There are now more than 3,000 events taking place in all 50 states.

Recycling climbed from 7% in the 1960s to 32% in 2016 as a result of the Recycling Coalition’s efforts and the American Recycles Day activities.

The largest local organization in America, Keep America Beautiful, concentrates on recycling and litter prevention to improve community aesthetics. One of the main planners of events for America Recycles Day is this organization.

Throughout November, they plan and publicize recycling-related events. They coordinate volunteers to pick up trash and recycle goods as a component of their efforts to reduce litter. Additionally, they use social media campaigns to persuade people to recycle more, raising the nation’s recycling rates in the process.

Efforts You Can Make to Reduce Spending

See what you can accomplish each day to improve the environment. There are several possibilities to go sustainable by reducing, reusing, & recycling, regardless of where you are: at home, while on the go, inside the office, or at school.

See the links below for questions you may ask yourself while shopping to encourage more reduction, reuse, and recycling at home, at schools, at work, and in your community. You can also check out our Consider Green Before You Purchase poster for more information.

Recycling reduces resource consumption and creates jobs

Using a conveyor belt, the materials in this picture are sorted by recycling center employees into those that can and cannot be recycled. With an extension to such a national Recycling Economics Information (REI) study, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed key data on the economic advantages of the packaging sector in 2016. The number of jobs, earnings, and tax revenues attributable to recycling are examined in this study. According to the survey, recycling and reuse operations in the US accounted for the following in a single year:

  • $37.8 billion through wages,
  • 681,000 employments, and
  • $5.5 billion for tax receipts.

This comes out to 1.17 employment for every 1,000 tons of recycled materials. Construction and demolition, non-ferrous metals like aluminum, and the ferrous metals sector follow in order of participation to all three main categories (jobs, wages, and tax income).

Recycle more and recycle properly

This infographic is titled The Top 10 Inside the Bin. It lists the top ten recyclable products, including cardboard, newspaper, food boxes, mail, tin cans, food cans, and glass containers, glass as well as plastic jars, and jugs, including plastic bottles with caps.

How frequently do you stop and consider what belongs in your recycle bin? Think beyond the box the next time you have something to toss out and consider strategies to create less waste in the initial place! The recycling rate can rise in a variety of ways. For suggestions on how you may increase your recycling, see our information sheet What You Should Do to Enhance the Recycling Rate.

Recycle to conserve energy

Recycling common items like paper, bottles, and magazines helps the environment. The things you purchase are made from recycled materials. Less virgin material will therefore need to be mined, harvested, processed, manufactured, as well as transported—all of which require energy.

The Waste Reduction Model (WARM) targeting solid waste planners as well as organizations serves as the foundation for the IWARM tool. IWARM could be used to estimate the energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions that an organization can achieve by recycling garbage as opposed to dumping it in a landfill.


  • Participate in local KAB chapter volunteering

Participate in local KAB events Keep America Lovely has chapters throughout the country, and on November 15 you may participate by working to collect recyclables.

  • Organize a recycling group.

Create a recycling club in your neighborhood by working with your family and friends. This will assist your community in recycling.

  • Organize a pop-up shop for recyclable goods.

Have a fun pop-up marketplace where people can browse and buy recycled goods, and get in touch with local business owners who sell recycled goods! America Recycles Day 2023

America Recycles Day 2023


  • In the US, 65% of aluminum is recycled.

Every minute, the nation recycles 105,800 aluminum cans.

  • Recycling brings in money.

Recycling generates $760,000 in income for workers nationwide for every 10,000 tons of such materials recycled.

  • Much trash can be recycled.

1,250,000 pounds of recyclables were gathered by KAB volunteers in 2018.

  • Recycling requires a lot of work.

In America, recycling is a source of almost 681,000 jobs.

  • America Recycles Day has become widely recognized.

Every year, festivities celebrating America Recycles Day attract more than 15 million attendees.

WHAT DRIVES US TO CELEBRATE America Recycles Day 2023

  • Planet-saving recycling

Our carbon footprint is decreasing by reducing waste and using fewer resources.

  • People are unaware that they can purchase recycled goods.

To save resources, it’s crucial not just to recycle human waste but also to purchase things made from recycled materials.

  • More people need to recycle.

Despite all of the KAB’s efforts, recycling is still not widely practiced throughout the nation.

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