National Take a Hike Day 2023: Wishes, Quotes & Messages

National Take a Hike Day 2023: Wishes, Quotes & Messages – November 17, 2023, is National Take a Hike Day: Learn about its significance, history, and other facts here On November 17, it is indeed International Take a Hike Day, so grab your boots, some trail mix, as well as some water. By traversing the 60,000 miles of hiking trails in America, this annual event takes place outside and provides both scenery and exercise. Taking in the fresh air, it’s also a fantastic method to get your heart rate up.

What would National Hike Day 2023 entail?

On November 17, National Take a Hike Day, we’re inspired to hit the trails. There are plenty of opportunities to go hiking thanks to the National Trail System’s more than 60,000 miles of trails spread throughout the 50 states. Some of these trails date back several hundred years.

National Take a Hike Day

For instance, Crawford Path near New Hampshire is the country’s oldest route that has been utilized continually. In 1819, the first sections of the mountainous path leading to Mount Washington’s peak were plowed. We can travel other paths to study even more ancient history, such as the Effigy Mounds National Monument, or to retrace the steps of Lewis and Clark.

We not only enjoy the beautiful outdoors and majestic sights, but we also work out our bodies. Being outside is important for our thoughts as well as our hearts and muscles, which is why hiking. We all spend a great deal of time indoors at our desks. An hour of hiking may burn between 400 and 550 calories. What better way to celebrate Take a Hike Day and avoid all those “other” holiday temptations?

This Take a Hike Day 2023 is celebrated at events across the nation. Local, state, and national parks sponsor hiking activities to get us outside and enjoy nature. Wear comfortable shoes, pack a snack, invite a friend, and head outside to soak in the sights and fresh air while doing some exercise!

National Take a Hike Day’s History

While hiking is now a significant aspect of our culture, it wasn’t always the popular weekend pastime it is now. Before Walden, Thoreau, as well as John Muir, there was the Romantic as well as Transcendentalism movement, as well as artistic and cultural movements to the natural order as well as time spent outdoors. a response to Industrialization as well as railway schedules, 90-hour work weeks, and other factors.

Hiking turned out to be a tranquil and romantic concept. Hiking has gradually developed into the pastime it is now since the 1800s. This was particularly true in the early to mid-20th century when advances in technology allowed us to challenge ourselves further and achieve more in the realms of hiking and mountaineering than was previously thought possible.

Additionally, the current popularity of rock climbing, which typically requires a short trip to access, contributed to the cultural venularization of hiking. Hiking is just a starting point for more advanced outdoor skills. Along the trail, one can go skiing, rock climbing, or canyoneering.


  • Decide where to go hiking.

Create a schedule to travel when you have the time, even if your obligations prevent you from doing so soon. The 50 states are included in the National Trail System. You can go on a brief hike. Alternatively, you may embark on a two- or three-day hike. You have the choice.

  • Volunteer when on vacation.

A vacation when you volunteer involves giving back. The American Hiking Association has several travel suggestions for International Take a Hike Day. Many trails need frequent upkeep, debris removal, or the construction of modest buildings. Everybody tells stories surrounding the campfire after the day.

  • Blog on social media about your hike.

You might earn some attention and feel great by blogging about something worthwhile and significant, like hiking. Take pictures and write about your hiking adventure online (after you get back, of course). Share on all social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

3 REASONS WHY HIKING ROCKS Trails are incredibly popular features.

  • Trails are a highly sought-after amenity.

Hiking trails close by are preferred by prospective homeowners over security features, golf courses, and community parks.

  • It results in skiing

Skiing and snowshoeing are both new sports that were inspired by hiking.

  • It improves taste buds.

On the route, hiking is said to increase your sense of taste by 35%, enhancing the flavors of freeze-dried snacks and energy bars.


  • It’s enjoyable being outside.

We spend a significant portion of our life in structures. It could feel like the boundaries are closing in after a while. Because of this, the Global Take a Hike Celebration seems to be a fantastic chance to let go. Instead of gorgeous picturesque images on your computer screensaver, you can view actual scenery for a few hours on the route. Take a deep breath and keep in mind that there are other dimensions to life.

National Take a Hike Day

  • This is excellent exercise.

Do not misunderstand us; we adore our gyms. However, using a treadmill resembles the process hamsters go through when inside their wheels. Take to the trails for a more effective workout. You can work muscles that you might not use every day by utilizing the elevation variations from flat to minor incline to greater incline to downward. Additionally, you don’t feel forced to stay up with everyone else in the gym when you go on a leisurely trek.

  • It’s time well spent with Mother Nature.

Look for the birds on a trek that you don’t typically see in the town or close to your house. In a parallel reality where people only exist on the outskirts, there might be all types of creatures scurrying around you. As you walk, take in the views and be in awe of the cloud formations. Breathe.

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