2025 Alpine GT X-Over – Pricing, Release Date, Design & Full Specs

Alpine GT X-Over2025 Alpine GT X-Over – Pricing, Release Date, Design & Full Specs! Alpine had stated that the A110 sports car would be withdrawn after only four years on the market and that the company would concentrate mainly on electric vehicles in the future. Alpine is developing three electric vehicles: a tiny hatchback, a compact crossover, and a sports car. The first teaser image was released concurrently with the announcement.

The 2025 Alpine GT X-Over Electric Crossover will go through testing; it appears it has already started. Our undercover photographers spotted an experimental vehicle with a significantly modified Dacia Duster body while it was conducting testing in the Arctic Circle. Given that we are only considering a significantly changed Dacia Duster, it isn’t easy to imagine how the upcoming 2025 Alpine GT X-Over would look. In actuality, there aren’t many facts about the electric crossover.

2025 Alpine GT X-Over Full Specs:

Brand Alpine
Model 2025 GT X-Over
Price (USA)


Release Date In 2025
Engine Electric Motor

It will be based on the identical CMF-EV platform as the Nissan Ariya and the Renault Megane E-Tech. That is all we currently know. This could imply that the upcoming Alpine crossover will be available with the same powertrain as the Megane E-Tech. But because this is an Alpine vehicle, we can also anticipate greater engine output.

2025 Alpine GT X-Over Overview

The all-electric GT X-Over, Alpine’s first-ever SUV, recently revealed itself while being tested in snowy circumstances. The newcomer’s underpinnings are covered in a significantly modified Dacia Duster body. These recent spy photos demonstrate that a few noticeable elements are major indicators if you look closely. Huge Brembo brakes at the front are covered by massive 19-inch wheels from Renault’s previous Megane Trophy, balancing the Alpine’s power.

The deeper sills were probably increased to make room for the battery. It would be stored in an underfloor skateboard configuration, which is visible thanks to the test car’s ride height. Enormous flared arches house a wider track and sizable skid plates in the front and back. The Duster’s standard five-door hatch arrangement has been replaced with a massive rear clamshell design.

Although the finished GT X-Over won’t resemble the vehicle in our photos, it does provide insight into the stage of development Alpine’s SUV is at. Alpine has previously released a teaser photograph of the GT X-Over showing off its characteristic quad-headlight configuration, sloping roofline and other signature Alpine features.


2025 Alpine GT X-Over Triple Motor Configuration

The GT X-Over will likely use the triple-motor configuration to provide more agile handling. Alpine engineering boss Gilles le Borgne stated to Auto Express last year. He claimed that the 215bhp e-motor would remain in the front of the CMF-EV chassis, and there would be a major surprise at the back.

As you might anticipate, we want to use torque vectoring for an Alpine and have exceptional handling and performance. We are attempting to do that. It will compete with the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT and the Tesla Model Y with a 450bhp total power output from a 215bhp front motor and two rear drive units.

In addition to the 2025 Alpine GT X-Over and a hot hatch version of the new all-electric Renault 5. Alpine will also introduce a new A110 coupe built with Lotus as part of the company’s “dream garage” EV lineup. By 2026, all three variants will be available. The French company claims that while using parts from the parent company

GT X-Over

2025 Alpine GT X-Over Excellency

Renault, the GT X-Over will demonstrate “the excellence in sports vehicles” for which the brand is known. The company’s Dieppe plant currently makes the A110 sports car. It will begin producing the GT X-Over in 2025 after being modified to create the Renault CMF-EV platform to support the SUV.

The new vehicle is one of the first three EVs Alpine will introduce as it becomes an all-electric brand. It will employ the same CMF-EV architecture as parent company Renault’s new Mégane E-Tech Electric. The other two are a hotter version of the brand-new Renault 5 supermini. It is an all-electric successor to its Alpine A110 flagship sports vehicle, scheduled to arrive in 2026.

When Alpine announced plans to introduce the Hot Five as its first EV in 2024. The newly called 2025 Alpine GT X-Over received a sneak peek. Its positioning as a high-riding grand tourer might make the French brand a competitor to fast luxury EVs. Like the Porsche Macan EV and Lotus Type 132, it was suggested by a silhouette sketch.

How much is the 2025 Alpine GT X-Over?

Country Name Price
2025 Alpine GT X-Over Price in USA Start at $ 60,000
2025 Alpine GT X-Over Price in UK £ 52,490
2025 Alpine GT X-Over Price in Canada CAD$ 96,435

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