New 2024 Polestar 3: Review, Price, Specs & Release Date

2024 Polestar 3

New 2024 Polestar 3: Price & Release Date – What We Know So Far! joins the market’s glut of electrified SUVs, and it does so with a fashionable exterior and the essential high-riding seating position. The Polestar 3 may be a tall car or a low-riding SUV, but Volvo’s spinoff-EV company has only produced sedans. There won’t be any such uncertainty with The 3, which will be available sometime in 2024.

We are utterly enamored by its svelte roofline, prominent fenders, and eye-catching wheel arches. The interior of the SUV likewise seems luxurious because of its modern design and high-quality materials. The base model’s 489-hp, double, all-wheel drive drivetrain is more than adequate.

The optional Performance trim, which comes with special 22-inch wheels, summer tires, and tuned suspension, boosts the horsepower to 517 for those who live for speed. For both the basic model and the Performance, the range is a respectable 300 miles, and both versions can be charged quickly using a DC fast-charging connector. It also has several active safety features, and Polestar hopes to enhance it further using Volvo’s lidar technologies, which theoretically will enable fully autonomous driving.

2024 Polestar 3 Price

The 2024 Polestar 3 is an electric two-row midsize SUV slated to arrive in late 20234. So far, we like the look and love the interior, and it checks all the boxes regarding range, charging, and Performance. At launch, pricing will start at $83,900.

Country Price
Polestar 3 Price In USA $83,900
Polestar 3 Price In Canada CA$99,900
Polestar 3 Price In UK £79,900
Polestar 3 Price In Germany €89,990

What is new with the Polestar 3 2024?

Although it shares a dedicated electric vehicle chassis with the next Volvo EX90 three-row SUV, it is brand-new from the ground up. The Polestar 3 features five seats and was created with Performance and not utility in mind, unlike the Volvo.

2024 Polestar 3 Release Date

We can expect the Polestar 3 to commence Polestar’s next-generation fleet by the fourth quarter of 2023. It may be a step up in the price for an SUV that offers little to quell range anxiety, but it is a step in the right direction as proof that electric cars can still have qualities tailored to the enthusiast

2024 Polestar 3 Interior

The Polestar 3 has seating for five people and a large second row due to sharing a platform with the EX90 three-row SUV. Although Polestar withheld technical details, two 6-footers sat nicely piled front to back during our walkaround. If front-seat passengers select the lowest position, there may not be enough room for their toes under the seat.

2024 Polestar 3

Some side headroom is lost because of the fixed glass roof. The 60/40-split back seats fold flat to increase the cargo space to 49.8 cubic feet, although they offer an armrest with a pass-through for longer things. A 17.1 cubic foot back cargo compartment has a concealed floor that adds a few extra inches of depth or can be used to store your charger and is complemented by a tiny 1.1 cubic foot front trunk.

2024 Polestar 3 Charging of batteries and Capacity

The Polestar 3 has a claimed range of 300 miles on its 111-kwh \usable) battery pack from CATL, while the Performance Pack reduces this to 270 miles. One-pedal driving is the norm, and the back motor disengages at cruising speeds to increase efficiency. A heat pump is also a requirement for HVAC and pre-warming the batteries on chilly days. In the future, bi-directional charging might power the home or a campsite or even charge additional electric vehicles in need.

Although the Polestar 3 has a 400-volt design, Polestar accepts a charge capacity of up to 250 kilowatts to improve DC fast-charging periods. The battery is charged from 10 to 80% at that rate in 30 minutes. A Level 2 240-volt source rated at 48 amps can charge the battery to full in 11 hours at home using Polestar’s 11-kW onboard charger.

2024 Polestar 3 EV Performance, Power, and Motor

The Polestar 3 comes with a dual-motor drivetrain with two different strengths. In contrast to the base setup’s 489 horsepower, the Performance trim boasts 517 horsepower. All-wheel drive is standard, but Polestar claims that the powerplant is rear-biased. According to Polestar, the 3’s more potent electric motors will enable it to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

2024 Polestar 3

Every third vehicle will feature a suspension system that can be changed for active dampers, but the Performance exhaust also includes a suspension for sport. We’ll take the new Polestar 3 for a test drive and update this page with our impressions when possible.

Fuel efficiency and real MPGe

Although the EPA hasn’t yet provided estimates for the Polestar 3, we anticipate it to be less fuel-efficient than the Polestar 2 sedan. When we come, we’ll test the Polestar 3’s fuel efficiency on our 75-mph highway route and update this article with the results.


The 3’s appeal will be widened for customers at other (read: cheaper) price points by eventually adding models with less standard equipment, single motors, and smaller battery packs. From 2024 through 2025, one new EV will be released annually. The sporty 4—a small SUV coupe—will debut in 2024, followed by the Halo 5 sedan, which will debut the beautiful, rear-window-free Precept concept car in 2025.


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