The Legend of Zelda 2023: Trailers, Release Date And Full Review

The quantity of incredible titles coming to the platform hasn’t slowed down despite the absurd fact that Nintendo will be entering its sixth year in 2023. In fact, some of the films that have been most eagerly awaited in recent years are set to come out. Open-world action adventures, life simulations, strategy games, and a ton of other thrilling genres are on the table. Here are all the major Switch releases scheduled for 2023, listed by the date of their release.


Fans of Persona, Altus, and Sega, rejoice! Beginning with Persona 3: Portable, several classic Persona titles will be released on Switch in 2023. Before you discover that it’s an improved version of the original game that debuted on the PlayStation Portable in the 2000s, the name seems a little weird. Players make decisions, and each decision has an effect.

Zelda Nintendo Switch

Release Date

It appears that the Nintendo Switch 2 won’t be available until at least mid-2023. That’s because Nintendo has previously stated that it won’t be working on updated Switch hardware for the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2023, but a different source believes that we may see a new type of Switch in the middle of the year. A significant increase in Nintendo’s spending on raw materials has been noticed by certain internet sleuths, which some are interpreting as a sign that the Nintendo Switch 2 may be in development and coming sooner than we think.

Breath of the Wild,


 Legend of Zelda 2023 Specification

Video Game Platform Nintendo Switch
Brand Nintendo
Video Game Collection The Legend of Zelda
Manufacturer Nintendo
Condition New
Genre Action & Adventure

The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Switch

By choosing your own path, actions, and outcomes, you can explore Hyrule like never before. The secret to surviving is creativity. Finding multiple answers to a ton of dynamic puzzles requires ingenuity.

Scavenge weapons, armor, vegetation, animals, and more because there are surprises around every corner. Live off the land by gathering gear, making food, and brewing potions.


Use cutting-edge technology: The Sheikha Slate in the game may be used to playfully control both adversaries and items. Put on your best gear; various weapons and pieces of armor offer special stats, effects, and durability. Even seasoned players of the Legend of Zelda franchise will find Shrines to be full of inventive difficulties.

Features of the New Legend of Zelda 2023

The OLED Switch supports play in docked TV, tabletop, and handheld modes, just like the original Switch. An Ethernet port on the dock and a redesigned kickstand for improved tabletop gaming are neat additions.

Having said that, Nintendo has filed a patent for a novel health-tracking gadget that could monitor your mood using microphones and sensors, track your sleep, and even alter the odor of a space. A curious feature of the patented device is that it has a dock of its own (similar to the Switch) and appears to be made to function with health-related video games like Ring Fit Adventure. This Nintendo Switch doesn’t appear to contain that technology. It’s too soon to say if such a device will ever be sold, but it will be interesting to see if Nintendo improves its fitness-tracking technology before the release of the next Switch console.


The Nintendo Switch Pro, what about it?

The so-called Nintendo Switch Pro was rumored to be the successor to the original Switch for a long. The Nintendo Switch OLED, however, improved some aspects of the original Switch without improving its performance. This implied that there may still be some unconfirmed rumors about a “pro” version being developed. The speculations and purported leaks we’ve heard so far, however, are for a second-generation Switch rather than a mid-generation upgrade because Nintendo has stated that this will not be the case. We must trust our instincts because there is no simple method to acquire any confirmation in this situation. Whether it will be known as the Switch Pro or Switch 2, we believe an upgraded Switch console is in the works.


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