Xiaomi 12S Ultra Battery Life Test – Full Specs

Xiaomi 12S UltraAlthough Xiaomi is expanding internationally, the company still likes to retain its most potent smartphones in China. The 12S Ultra, Xiaomi’s top flagship phone for 2024 will not be released outside of the company’s home country.

Maybe there’s some sense in it. While the Xiaomi phone’s outrageous and oversized camera module may make it seem more specialized, the popular Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the 12S Ultra are identical in certain ways.

Still, this phone is tough to match in terms of sheer specs. And while the rear camera may appear silly, it produces results thanks to a sizable 1-inch camera sensor with excellent bokeh unmatched by most smartphones.

There isn’t much difference between the 12S Ultra’s battery and its predecessor’s — 4,860mAh vs. 5,000mAh — almost exactly because the display size has dropped by the same amount. The Ultra continues to have a larger capacity than the Pro (4,600mAh).

With the display running at 60Hz, we timed looping videos offline for 16:19 hours, whereas the web surfing test, which constantly oscillated between 120Hz and 1Hz, produced a time of 14:43 hours. Both perform substantially better than the Mi 11 Ultra’s, especially in the browsing test.

However, the tests were run with the display set to 1440p rather than the normal setting. We attempted in 1080p mode for completeness and received nearly the same results for online surfing and an additional hour for movie viewing. So, we would gladly continue using the higher resolution.

We received what may be considered an average outcome during voice calls at 27:09, which is an hour less than the Mi 11 Ultra. Similar to the active battery draw, the standby battery draw was average.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Battery Life

  • Battery life of around two days
  • 67W wired charging is quick.
  • Likewise wireless charging

Xiaomi’s adoption of the 8+ Gen 1 chip has another advantage: it significantly improves power efficiency.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra USB C port

At 67W, charging is quick but not the fastest. In my tests, that was sufficient to recharge the battery by half in just 15 minutes, or almost a full day’s use, and by 88% in 30 minutes. Yes, some phones can now charge completely in less than 30 minutes, but for the most, these speeds will be sufficient.

Furthermore, Qi wireless charging is enabled. Technically, this can charge at speeds of up to 50W, but you’ll need an official Xiaomi wireless charger, which is available separately. Most users are likely to experience substantially slower speeds on typical wireless chargers.

Additionally available is the Xiaomi 12S Ultra 2024

If you want to benefit from its performance, battery life, and excellent camera, you can place one of the first orders in Europe for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra smartphone. Our partner, Trading Shenzhen, is the only online retailer currently shipping this smartphone to Europe.

The Chinese variant, which does not support the B20 LTE band, is now for sale as the global version has not yet been unveiled. The smartphone might arrive with us within the next few days, and we’ll let you know as soon as it does.

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