World Food Day 2023: Top Themes, Wishes & Quotes

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World Food Day 2023: Top Themes, Wishes & Quotes – People all across the world celebrate World Food Day on October 16, which commemorates the date the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA) was founded in 1945. World Food Day, first observed by the FOA in 1979, aims to encourage a healthy diet and end hunger by 2030.

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Celebrations of The Day

One in seven Americans, on average, uses food banks as their primary or secondary source of food. Many of these people are working families who are underemployed and cannot afford the supplies their family needs to live a healthy lifestyle. The most often requested commodities for food banks are nutritious, non-perishable foods high in protein. Examples include low-sodium soups and vegetables, peanut butter, rolled oats, dry or canned beans, tuna canned in water, and peanut butter.

Family farms account for 98% of all farms in the world. Usually, they practice sustainable agriculture, utilizing native plants, rotating crops, and using minimal chemicals. Sadly, many family farmers are unable to grow the range of crops necessary for their sustenance and, in the absence of assistance, may become malnourished. Shop regionally and support family farms on World Food Day.

On World Food Day, there are typically multiple food drives. Create your food drive and, if none exist locally, contribute the things to one. Around the world, there are marches in favor of food packaging, dinners for World Food Day, and hunger walks. Participate in the effort to eradicate world hunger!

Importance of The Day

  1. It promotes awareness.

Malnutrition hurts millions of people’s health by harming developing bodies and brains. It is essential to raise awareness of this health issue to guarantee food security and the availability of healthful foods for everyone on Earth.

  1. This serves as a reminder that hunger is curable

Currently, our earth produces enough food to feed everyone. But 1.3 billion tons of food, or over 20% of the total production, are lost or wasted every year. World Food Day encourages people to get moving, reduce food waste, and help feed millions of people.

  1. It promotes deliberate eating

Even though eating can be highly amusing and enjoyable, sometimes we may overeat. We can reduce food waste and the number of people who go to bed hungry by refocusing on mindful eating. World Food Day serves as a reminder to refrain from overeating and make environmentally responsible choices.

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