Why Are WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Down? April 03, 2024

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Down

Why Are WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Down? April 04, 2024. WhatsApp appeared to be down, leaving users furious when they attempted to use the messaging service.

There were 22,564 reports of WhatsApp outages at 7.24 pm (GMT) on Wednesday (April 3) from a baseline of just four, according to DownDetector.

Seventy per cent of reported issues were due to the app itself, with 24 per cent over receiving messages and six percent on the website.

The issue appears to have affected WhatsApp worldwide, with users in Bangladesh, Egypt, Ecuador, the US and Portugal reporting problems via DownDetector.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have also been affected. The three are part of Meta.

According to DownDetector, there were 1,333 reported issues with Facebook as of 7.19 pm, with almost 80 per cent of problems centring around the app itself.

Instagram went from a peak of 3,596 reported outages at 7.22 pm to 1,712 by 7.37 pm, DownDetector shows.

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