VisionOS 2 (2024): Price, Release Date, Features, and Full Specs

VisionOS 2Apple is a world famous technology company. Vision Pro developed by Apple has managed to create a stir among technology lovers in the global market. Apple announced the new operating system version for the Vision Pro headset at WWDC 2024.

As per the estimates of various websites which are going to be launched later this year. We have discussed in detail about VisionOS 2 new features and capabilities in this article. Let’s dive into the article to gather detailed information.

visionOS 2 2024 Full Features Details:

Apple’s latest headset Vision Pro was released in February 2024. It appeared before us with visionOS 2. Let’s see how Apple has added all the advanced features in this new firmware. Everything is mentioned here:

  • AirPlay: Are you interested in watching from your iPhone, iPad or Mac in an immersive environment on a headset? Now you can stream content to your Vision Pro.
  • Apple TV App: This Apple TV app feature added in visionOS 2 lets you watch up to five streams simultaneously in MultiView.
  • Guest Mode: Do you have a friend who wants to borrow your Vision Pro? In this case you can add him as a guest with the help of guest mode. This update will allow the headset to store their hand and eye data for 30 days.
  • Home View: In visionOS 2, you can place apps wherever you want in Home View.
  • Mindfulness: Focusing on your breathing requires mindfulness. The meditation app will include visualization to help with this need.
  • Navigation: Apple is greatly improving gesture controls in visionOS 2.0. This will result in easier access to commonly used features and menus For example, you can go to the home screen with a pinch of your palm facing up. You also need to tap to open the volume, battery life, time, and control center.
  • Peripherals: The new visionOS 2 adds surprise but true mouse and Magic Keyboard support.
  • Photos: The Photos app is getting a big improvement in visionOS 2. It makes creating and sharing spatial photos easy. It has the ability to create a 3D image from any image in your library. The iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro Max’s camera setup lets you capture spatial photos and view them on your headset. If you don’t feel like using your iPhone, Canon is offering a new spatial lens for the EOS R7 where you can shoot spatially.
  • Video: Additionally, on the video front, Vision OS 2 will feature a new Vimeo app that lets you watch immersive 100-degree 8K video on the headset.
  • Safari: Watch videos from sites like Amazon, Netflix and YouTube virtually in Apple’s visionOS 2. Panoramic photos will also be projected around you, and Siri can read web pages aloud while you do other things.
  • Virtual Display: visionOS 2 makes Vision Pro’s workspace even bigger in terms of “virtual display”. According to Apple’s information, this is going to be the equivalent of two 4K displays next to each other.

VisionOS 2 Hardware:

The Vision Pro version developed by Apple has managed to create a stir in the global market. Apple has brought visionOS version 2 for this advanced headset.

VisionOS 2 Release Date:

There is no shortage of curiosity among techies when visionOS 2 will be released. VisionOS 2 was officially announced by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. However, the company has not revealed when exactly it will be available in the global market. But as far as we know from the estimates of trusted websites, it is going to be available in the global market mainly by the end of 2024 i.e. September or November.

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